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The past year has finally seen the return to live music. Epic events such as Lollapalooza, Austin City Limits, Rolling Loud, Outside Lands and more are announcing new dates and lineups by the day, and after two years of what feels like an anti-mosh pit, their anticipated come back is music to any concert-lovers’ ears.

First up is Coachella, which kicks off this weekend with headliners Harry Styles, Billie Eilish, Swedish House Mafia and The Weekend.

But as any festival-goer knows, these are events that you have to plan for. With high temperatures and swarming crowds, festivals are a lot more streamlined, and enjoyable, when you come packed with the right things. Coachella and Stagecoach, which both take place in the Palm Springs heat of Indio, California, for example, can reach upwards of 100 degrees, meaning that a portable way to stay hydrated throughout the weekend is a must. And every festival’s jam-packed itinerary requires days of non-stop activity, so comfortable shoes that don’t detract from your outfit is double important.

From stylish fanny packs to portable phone chargers and vaccine card covers, here’s everything you’ll need for festival season this year.


Crossbody Fanny Pack

Courtesy of Free People

You’re bound to clock miles of walking at any festival you go to, and coupled with the heat, you won’t want anything weighing you down. Fanny packs are great because you don’t even have to think about holding them — everything you need is easily accessible and it stays close to your body so you don’t have to worry about pickpockets. This compact crossbody from Free People is both functional and stylish, fitting as an accessory both on and off the festival grounds.

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Mini Backpack

Courtesy of Amazon

If fanny packs aren’t your thing, a mini backpack is the next best way to keep your hands free throughout the day. No one does it better than the Swedish brand Fjallraven, whose compact and adorable backpacks that come in dozens of vibrant hues have become a trend of its own in recent years.

Fjallraven Kanken Mini Classic Backpack $84.20 Buy It

Packable Sunhat From Madewell

Courtesy of Madewell

If you don’t want to worry about reapplying sunscreen throughout the day, wide-brimmed hat is a stylish way to protect yourself from the UV rays. This classic, versatile option from  Madewell even rolls up with a clasp so you can easily store it a way when you get too hot. Top off the look by pairing it with one of the trendy sunglasses we rounded up here.

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Courtesy of Free People

Sunglasses are a must when it comes to sun protection (and photo-ready style). But it’s never a good idea to bring along expensive shades when items can get so easily lost and stolen in the crowds. these adorable and trendy glasses from Free People make for the perfect accessory to spice up your weekend style, without breaking the bank.

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Vaccine Card Protector

Courtesy of Amazon

Even the most veteran of festival-goers might not have thought about this one. While festivals mark a hopeful return to normalcy, some things will be a bit different this year, including a fully vaccinated crowd. While specific guidelines surrounding vaccines haven’t been set in stone for most festivals yet, it’s a good idea to bring your vaccination card if you need to prove immunity at any of the event’s sites. A plastic cover will keep it clean from what will surely be a very dirty weekend.

Vaccine Card Protector $4.99 Buy It


CamelBak Hydration Pack (25% Off)

Courtesy of Amazon

Staying hydrated is of utmost importance during a festival but it can be hard to remember to drink water with the endless supply of stimulation and distractions surrounding you. A hydration pack, like this one from CamelBak, which stores up to 50 fluid ounces, makes it easier than ever to sip on water throughout the day without carrying a heavy water bottle in your bag.

CamelBack Hydration Pack $60.00  $47.70 Buy It

Mini First Aid Kit

Courtesy of Target

Bruises, scratches, and the likes are basically a rite of passage at festivals. If you come prepared with an adorable first aid kit like this one from Welly, your friends will thank you for it.

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EO Portable Hand Sanitizer

Courtesy of Pharmaca

If you didn’t panic-buy a year’s worth of hand sanitizer a year ago, then now’s the time to re-stock. Aside from effectively disinfecting and keeping you safe from germs, EO is also an easy way to clean off dust and dirt that’s sure to accumulate on the festival grounds.

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Zalik Ear Plugs

Courtesy of Amazon

Powerful speakers are necessary during outdoor events where the standing crowd can stretch back a limitless amount. Whether you’re one to bravely wheedle your way to the front, or safely stand farther from the crowd, ear plugs are a good way to mitigate ear damage and more comfortably listen to the music. 

Zalik Ear Plugs $16.99  $11.99 Buy It


The Purple Face Mask

Courtesy of Purple

Face masks have always been a helpful way to avoid sunburns and desert dust at festivals, but now you might be inclined to also wear them as a way to be Covid-safe in the crowd. But in the heavy heat and throngs of people, you’ll want to bring the most breathable mask possible that you won’t be uncomfortable wearing for a long time. This one from the The Purple is a great choice because of its unique moisture-wicking Breeze Mesh used for the inner and outer layers that the company adopted from their famously cool pillows. If you’re worried about it getting dirty or lost, though, you can always opt for a pack of disposable ones.

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KN95 Masks

Courtesy of Maskc

Public health experts note that KN95s offer the most protection against the virus. Not only is Maskc a great choice for double filtration, but they come in stylish designs and colors to match with your festival outfits. Plus, a wide range of styles are half off on their website for a limited time right now. Check out more Hollywood-loved KN95 face masks here.

BUY NOW: $36  $12 Buy It

Supergoop! Unseen Sunscreen


Courtesy of Amazon

Sunscreen is another must at outdoor festivals, where you’ll be exposed to high UV levels for hours at a time. Since you likely won’t have time to freshen up midway through the day, you’ll need a fast and easy way to reapply SPF. This one from Supergoop has 40 SPF, can be easily applied over makeup and is small enough to carry around in any bag you have — and is a top recommendation by celebrity makeup artists.

Supergoop! Unseen Sunscreen $36.00 Buy It


Portable Phone Charger

Courtesy of Amazon

Yes, this year is the year that you’re responsible enough to bring your own portable phone charger and don’t go phoneless, and totally hopeless, for the rest of the weekend. This high-rated one from Anker is slim and hassle-free, while also offering more than two full charges for the iPhone 12 and close to two full charges for the Galaxy S20.

Portable Phone Charger $21.99 Buy It

iPhone Fan Accessory

Courtesy of Amazon

Keep cool throughout the day with this handy fan, that can spin for up to 100 hours while plugged into your phone.

Body Wipes

Courtesy of Amazon

If you’re heading to the desert, you know how easy dust can accumulate. Keep yourself sanitized with this portable pack of baby wipes — your friends will thank you.

Body Wipes $7.40 Buy It

Coleman Camping Chair

Courtesy of Amazon

If you’ve graduated from the mosh pits to the grassy field behind the crowds, then you’ll need a comfy chair to stake your claim. This one from Coleman folds up small enough to easily carry around and has cup holders and pockets to store any essentials while you lounge.

Coleman Camping Chair $39.99  $33.70 Buy It