Since its anticipated release in October, the Nintendo Switch Oled has been notoriously difficult to buy because of high demand, but Walmart has finally restocked both editions of the in-demand console — just in time for the holidays.

Both the Red-and-Blue and White Joy-Cons are available on Amazon for $349. The new version of the immensely popular Nintendo Switch boasts an impressive seven-inch OLED panel, a sizable upgrade from the Switch Lite and Standard Switch. In addition to higher color quality and brightness, the new model also features a sturdier kickstand, better audio and a storage bump from 32GB to 62GB.

The Oled is the third model to join the Nintendo Switch lineup, following the original Nintendo Switch and the portable Switch Lite, a handheld version of the console that doesn’t allow for TV connection.

If you’re able to get your hands on the fast-selling model before it sells out, you’ll want to check out our roundup of the best new video games to play on your new console, in addition to the best gaming gear to gift this year.

Nintendo Switch Oled


Courtesy of Walmart

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