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If you’ve watched any of the many iterations of “Masters of the Universe,” then you’ve probably stopped to think to yourself, at least once: what exactly is Battle Cat? He-Man’s feline companion has the characteristics of a domestic house cat and the stripes and roar of a predatory tiger. But he’s also the size of a horse.

Turns out he was just the last-minute solution to a budgeting issue. When Mattel didn’t have enough money to create a vehicle for He-Man, they repurposed a tiger toy from the Big Jim toy line. The only problem was that what was supposed to be He-Man’s smaller companion came out to be twice his size. “I said ‘I don’t give a f*ck,” recounts Mattel’s former VP of marketing Paul Cleveland in the docu-series “The Toys That Made Us.” “If it’s as big as a horse, put a f*cking saddle on it.'” And thus, Battle Cat was born.

This month, 40 years since the original “Masters of the Universe” toy line debuted in 1981, Mattel brought back the original vintage He-Man figures, just time for the franchise’s brand new Netflix animated series, dropping July 23.  And despite some character glow-ups across the the board in the latest iteration, Battle Cat is just as big, green and striped as ever. To celebrate “Masters of the Universe: Revelation,” here are the best Masterverse action figures to get your hands on this week, from He-Man and Battle Cat to Skeletor and Evil-lyn.


13% Off He-Man Action Figure

Courtesy of Amazon Courtesy of Amazon

Defend the realm of Eternia with the sorcery skills of “MOTU” hero He-Man. This 5.5-inch action figure showcases the beloved character’s superhuman strength, made complete by his shield and sword for ultimate protection.

Masters of the Universe He-Man Action Figure $19.91 Buy It

Battle Cat Action Figure

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No “MOTU” toy collection is complete without Battle Cat. This retro action figure is designed to look exactly like the original from the 1980s, with yellow stripes running down a green body, and of course, a bright red saddle for He-Man to hop onto.

Masters of the Universe Battle Cat Action Figure $24.99  $17.42 Buy It

Castle Grayscull Buildable Set

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Protect Eternia’s precious fortress from attacks by Skeletor, Hordak and the Snake Men with this premium buildable set  of Grayscull. Featuring 3,500 pieces, the castle folds open to reveal three floors and six rooms, a throne room,  command center, dungeon, two secret doors, a working Jawbridge, elevator and turrets. Immerse yourself in your own “MOTU”-inspired storylines, using action figures that include He-Man, Skeletor, Man-At-Arms, Beast Man, the Goddess and a Sorceress.

Castle Grayscull Buildable Set $294.99  $153.99 Buy It

Point Dread and Talon Fighter Set with Teela Action Figure

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The Talon Fighter is one of the most powerful vehicles and weapons featured in the original “MOTU” toy line. Styled to resemble a bird of prey in flight, this recreation of He-Man’s winged flying vehicle includes enough room for two action-figure passengers to take the wheel and an adjustable roof to close over them and keep them safe while in flight. Plus, the set comes with an action figure of Teela, the Captain of the Royal Guard responsible for keeping Prince Adam (He-Man) safe.

Masters of the WWE Universe Set

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Step onto the Grayscull-inspired ring for a one-of-a-kind battle between Terror Claws and John Cena. This Mania Bundle combines the WWE Universe and the Masterverse, featuring retro action figures that can post and twist into powerful battle positions for imaginative role-playing.


Masters of the WWE Universe $58.99 Buy It

17% Off Skeletor Action Figure

Courtesy of Amazon Courtesy of Amazon

The latest iteration of the Skeletor action figure makes it easier and more fun than ever to tap into your evil side, with 16 movable joints for powerful action moves and battle poses. Plus, the set comes with accessories like a shield and baton in addition to a swappable head to ensure a long lifetime.

Masters of the Universe Skeletor Action Figure $16.99  $12.12 Buy It

Evil-lyn Action Figure

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If you’re going to join the dark side, it might as well be with the Skeletor’s supervillainous sidekick Evil-lyn, one of the most intelligent and cunning characters in the Masterverse. Of course, the vibrant action figure comes with her signature magic wand and crystal orb to allow her to tap into her sorcery.

Masters of the Universe Evil-lyn Action Figure $17.99  $10.95 Buy It

Buzz Saw Hordak Action Figure

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If you were a fan of “She-Ra: Princess of Power,” you’ll appreciate this well-outfitted action figure of Hordak, the “MOTU” villain who rules the planet of Etheria in the recent Netflix spin-off. The cyborg-like character looks creepier than ever in this new action figure, donning his black armor and red Horde Trooper cape.

Clamp Champ Action Figure

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The Clamp Champ is one of the strongest characters in the Masterverse, wielding a powerful clamp that allows him to firmly hold any opponent, making him a “heroic master of capture” when coupled with his superhuman strength and stealthy moves. This action figure comes with his signature clamp, in addition to head and hand replacements, so he’s always ready to battle it out while serving as a guardsman at the Royal Palace of Eternia.

Clamp Champ Action Figure $21.99  $18.98 Buy It

Hot Wheels Wind Raider Vs. Land Shark (Comic-Con Exclusive)

Courtesy of Mattel

Masters of the Universe gets the Hot Wheels treatment in this surprising (and pretty weird) Mattel cross-over, released as a Comic-Con exclusive. The set features He-Man and Skeletor as they duke it out in their respective battle vehicles, He-Man in his jet-propelled Wind Raider and Skeletor in his destructive Land Shark.

BUY NOW: $99 Buy It

32% Off ‘He-Man and the Masters of the Universe: The Original Series’

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Any “MOTU” fan will appreciate having the complete original series of the iconic animated series, which came out two years after Mattel’s toy line. This set includes all 130 episodes and hours of bonus features. Plus, it’s 32% off right now.

'He Man and the Masters of the Universe: The Original Series' $55.98  $28.83 Buy It

25% Off He-Man on Battle Cat Funko Pop!

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Add to your Funk Pop! collection with this adorable stylized He-Man riding atop Battle Cat.

He-Man on Battle Cat Funko Pop! $49.90 Buy It

He-Man and Crew T-Shirt

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This baby blue tee features the vintage graphics from the original animated series, featuring a strong He-Man posing in front of his heroic crew.

He-Man and the Crew T-Shirt $17.91 Buy It