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“Jeopardy” is getting a major shakeup. After months of guest hosts who rotated through temporary gigs on the iconic game show since Alex Trebek’s death, Sony Pictures is reported to be in advanced negotiations to bring on Mike Richards as a permanent host.

The news has brought mixed reactions online, with some disappointed that the show didn’t decide to hire Levar Burton, the beloved actor, host and producer who was brought on to guest host last month, while some are excited to see Richards — who was brought on as an executive producer of the show earlier this year —  take on the reigns after a successful guest run behind the lectern. After a groundbreaking 36 years as host, Trebek leaves huge shoes to fill for whoever ends up being his replacement, leaving eyes fixed on the fierce competition.

Despite the anticipated change-up, however, the game itself remains the same, promising years of answer-and-question style trivia for people all over the world for years to come. To celebrate the next phase of “Jeopardy,” here are the best “Jeopardy” games, books and merch for the trivia lovers in your life to enjoy alongside the show.

Jeopardy Travel Sized Card Game

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This fast-paced travel card game is the perfect companion to any road trip or party, with each deck playing out like a full episode with limitless trivia questions that include Double and Final Jeopardy rounds. The pack comes with 216 cards that span a variety of topics to play with any type of trivia nerd, aged 12 and up.

Jeopardy Travel Sized Card Game $11.14


Jeopardy 2022 Day-to-Day Calendar

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No “Jeopardy” or trivia lover will not love this fun wall calendar, chock-full of answer-and-question style trivia quizzes on every date of the year. Each day’s box features a question with the answer written on the back, assigned with dollar amounts so players can track their “winnings” throughout the year.

Jeopardy 2022 Day-to-Day Calendar $24.97

‘Kat Jennings’s Trivia Almanac’

Courtesy of Amazon Courtesy of Amazon

The “Jeopardy” champion Ken Jennings puts together an ingenious book filled to the brink with thousands of trivia questions organized within “This Day in History” categories, spanning topics from paleontology and mixology to  sports and daytime soaps.

Ken Jennings's Trivia Almanac $28.99


‘Jeopardy’ Card Game

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If you manically shout at the T.V. with your own answers when watching “Jeopardy” then this card game inspired by the show is for you. This portable pack comes with everything you need to construct your own “Jeopardy” game, which includes 56 trivia cards, 20 category cards and 54 game cards. Just like in the show, the game intensifies as you go on, with each successive round worth more points, and forcing you to put more on the line.

'Jeopardy' Card Game

Jeopardy Deluxe Edition (26% Off)

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This Deluxe Edition “Jeopardy” game comes with everything you need to play a competitive game, so you’ll need to bring your A-game. One player is selected to be the host while the rest of the group is tested on their trivia knowledge while competing to earn the most money. Just like in the show, they put their earnings on the line during the Final Jeopardy round.

Jeopardy Deluxe Edition $30.43

ESPN Jeopardy Board Game

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Trivia lovers and sports fanatics are catered to in this ESPN “Jeopardy” board game, whose 1,000 trivia cards quiz players on sports-related factoids throughout history. In addition to the board and cards, the pack comes with electronic units for each player that plays the familiar “Jeopardy” theme song when someone thinks they know the answer.

ESPN Jeopardy Board Game $37.00

Jeopardy Game Simpsons Edition

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Think you’re a “Simpsons” expert? Test out your knowledge of the iconic animated series with this fast-paced Jeopardy game, which includes 1,700 trivia questions about the hilarious Springfield family.

Jeopardy Simpsons Edition $53.99


Alex Trebek Funko Pop!

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Honor the beloved late game show host, who was the face of “Jeopardy” for a record-breaking 37 years. This Funko Pop! is a stylized version of Trebek, dressed in his classic gray suit and holding up his questions for the show’s Final Jeopardy round.

Alex Trebek Funko Pop! $13.50


‘The Jeopardy! Book’ by Alex Trebek

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Alex Trebek’s comprehensive “Jeopardy” book published in 1990 offers readers an insider’s glimpse into one of the most iconic game shows in history, including behind-the-scenes stories, fun facts, quizzes and an introduction written by the show’s creator Merv Girffin. Trebek fans will probably also want to get their hands on Trebek’s  “The Answer is…Reflections on My Life” written and published by the beloved game show host just months before his death.