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Just when you think Le Creuset can’t become any more magical, the premium French cookware company comes out with an enchanting Harry Potter-themed collection.

The 10-piece capsule actually came out last year but the entire collection is now all 15% off.  In addition to a special version of Le Creuset’s signature Dutch Oven, the entire lineup brings a whimsical twist to each of the enamel pieces with references to the film’s beloved characters and Hogwarts houses. From a Spellcasting Spatula Set to a Deathly Hallows Spoon Set, there’s something for every type of chef and Potterhead imaginable (yes, even the Slytherins among us).

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“The experience of cooking and sharing a memorable meal with loved ones is pure magic,” Le Creuset chairman Paul van Zuydam said in a statement. “Chefs and Harry Potter fans alike will now be able to express their inner creativity as they transform humble ingredients into spectacular dishes.”

Given Le Creuset’s popularity, the pieces are likely to sell out fast. Shop the best pieces below before they go.

Harry Potter Signature Round Dutch Oven

Courtesy of Le Creuset

This gorgeous special-edition Dutch oven is finished in Cerise red with a lightning bolt knob in reference to Harry Potter’s iconic forehead scar. Whimsical embellishments aside, the beloved Le Creuset piece boasts the same exceptional heat retention and distribution for which it’s famous. Featuring easy-to-clean porcelain enamel and a tight-fitting lid, the roomy dish is perfect for slow-cooking and braising to baking and frying. The cast iron piece also comes in Le Creuset’s Marseille blue, fitted with a Golden Snitch knob and embossed with three Quidditch goal rings.

BUY NOW: $300  $225

Hogwarts Express Kettle

Courtesy of Le Creuset

This striking red kettle might be the closest you get to receiving a free trip to Hogwarts. The lid’s gold knob bears the number of the series’ magical 9 3/4 platform, while a gold single-tone whistling spout is outfitted in more Hogwarts-related accents. Crafted from lightweight carbon steel, the Express Kettle not only brings water to a boil within minutes but promises durability with a chip-resistant and non-reactive enamel base.

BUY NOW: $126  $94.50

Spellcasting Spatula Set

Courtesy of Le Creuset

Inspired by Harry, Hermione, Ron and Dumbledore’s wands, this four-piece set brings sorcery into the kitchen without sacrificing versatility or durability. Each spatula is coated with a BPA-free silicone covering that resists stains, odors and flavor absorption, with removable heads for easy cleaning. Plus, they’re heat resistant up to 482 degrees Fahrenheit to suit almost every type of intensive cooking.

BUY NOW: $126  $94.50

Lord Voldemort Rectangle Covered Casserole Dish

Courtesy of Le Creuset

Ideal for oven-roasted dishes and casseroles, this matte black stoneware piece is adorned with a strong handle designed after the phoenix feather core wand used by Lord Voldemort. You’re in for another dark surprise once you’re finished eating, though. Hidden and embossed inside is the Dark Mark, the serpentine-like symbol associated with the infamous Death Eaters known around the Wizarding World. Just like the Dutch oven, the casserole dish promises uniform heat distribution and a nonstick interior for a dining experience that rivals Hogwarts’ Great Hall.

BUY NOW: $140  $105

Magical Mug Set

Courtesy of Le Creuset

Support Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes, The Three Broomsticks, Ollivanders or Gringotts with these enchanting mugs adorned with metallic foil logos of some of the most iconic businesses in the Wizarding World. The premium stoneware mugs keep drinks warm or cold with impressive heat retention, and feature vibrant scratch-resistant glaze to last you years.

BUY NOW: $100  $75