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If you’re a big gamer, then you’ve probably heard of the Razer Kraken, one of the most popular and capable gaming headsets on the market.

The Ultimate Edition has been a huge hit since it was first released in 2019, offering special features and impressive technology for an affordable price. And now the headset is on sale for less than $100: Amazon’s limited-time deal slashes the price in half to an unmatched $65. So if you haven’t been convinced yet, now is the time to upgrade your gaming experience — especially considering how many anticipated titles have come out in the last few months, including “GTA: The Trilogy,” “Guardians of the Galaxy” and “Far Cry 6.”

So, why the hype? Despite not being the fanciest headset out there (explaining its relatively lower price tag), it packs in stimulated sound with a THX system, in addition to a 5.1 channel USB audio adapter and dual 50mm drivers, making it compatible with almost all gaming systems. Plus, it comes with a USB adaptor cable for PC users.

In terms of game performance, its audio might be the most noteworthy. Reviewers praise it for its audio processing, which allows users to distinguish where specific sounds, like gunshots or vehicles, are coming from on screen. It also features stimulated sound that gives off a full and heavy bass without muffled distortion that can often be the case with bass-heavy headphones. Of course, almost as important is its microphone, which sits on a flexible metal arm that retracts when not in use, and allows easy communication for gamers. All of its features are packed into Razer’s signature chunky design, with plush ear-cups and ergonomic controls.

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Razer Kraken Ultimate RGB Gaming Headset (50% Off)

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Razer Kraken Ultimate Gaming Headset $129.99  $99.99