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Growing up can be hard, which is why it’s important to tap into your whimsy sometimes. And with today’s advanced technology and innovation, there’s never been more fancifulimaginative and downright fabulous toys to bring you back to the innocent days of your youth — whether they find you building a 7,000-piece Lego set or playing video games on a retro arcade cabinet. So, if you’re looking to splurge this holiday season, we’re giving you the green light on these five over-the-top toys (for adults) to shop right now. 

Star Wars AT-T Lego Set 

Courtesy of Amazon

Built from 6,785 pieces, the brand new AT-T Lego Set is the second-largest “Star Wars” Ultimate Collectors Series Lego Set to date, just behind the coveted UCS Millenium Falcon. Yes, $800 is a lot of money to spend on a toy — but standing 25 inches tall, the supersized replica of the iconic intergalactic tank is practically big enough to conquer a real-life Rebel base. 

BUY NOW: $799.99

Iron Man Helmet  (30% Off)

Courtesy of Marvel

Forget Alexa. Speak to Jarvis instead with the most updated version of Iron Man’s MK 5 helmet, whose single-touch opening system and high-tech remote controls are straight out of Stark Industries. Topped off with illuminated eyes and dramatic sound effects, you’ll be transformed into the hard-shelled hero in minutes.

BUY NOW: $859.75  $599.75

Jenga Giant

Courtesy of Amazon

Take family game night to the next level with this colossal Jenga tower, which starting off at 26 inches tall, is the largest version of the iconic building game ever made. 

Jenga Giant $169.95  $118.50


The Simpsons’ Retro Arcade Cabinet 

Courtesy of Walmart

A retro arcade cabinet does wonders for any game room. In this newly released Simpsons machine, players can transport themselves to Springfield to compete in four-player games as either Homer, Bart, Marge or Lisa. Plus, with a vibrant painted exterior and sleek design, the funky cabinet doubles as nostalgic décor

BUY NOW: $529

Oculus Quest 2  

Courtesy of Amazon

Ring in the new year from the Metaverse. The Oculus Quest 2 boasts the most advanced VR technology to date, so you can immerse yourself in games like Resident Evil 4 and Grand Theft Auto, attend a live concert with friends or take a trip to the movies — all from your couch. 

Oculus Quest 2 $387.99  $299.00