The Best ‘Friends’ Gifts for Fans Excited About The Reunion

Friends Mug

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Friends” fans have been waiting in anticipation for a reunion between the sitcom’s beloved cast members for what feels like years now, and their wishes are finally coming true on May 27 with HBO Max’s reunion special called “The One Where They Get Back Together,” in conjunction with the series’ 25th anniversary. The show’s relatively recent availability on streaming services like Amazon Prime, HBO Max, and previously, Netflix, has reignited a whole new generation of fans, meaning the highly promoted reunion, which they announced back at the beginning of 2020, is sure to rack in millions of viewers. It also means that the show is front of mind for “Friends” fans of all ages, who are likely thinking back to their favorite scenes from the timeless show. And what better way to indulge in the nostalgia than with fun “Friends”-themed gifts?

The quirky New York City friend group — consisting of Chandler Bing, Rachel Green, Monica Geller, Phoebe Buffay, Joey Tribbiani, and Ross Geller — offered viewers an endless amount of memorable one-liners, banter at Central Perk, quotable catchphrases, and plenty of relatable relationship drama (the show did coin the phrase “we were on a break,” after all). From a floor plan art print of Rachel-turned-Monica’s iconic apartment to a 3D rendering of the Central Perk coffeehouse, there’s something for every die-hard “Friends” enthusiast on your list.


‘Friends’ Peephole Picture Frame

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Courtesy of Urban Outfitters.

This charming piece of Monica-inspired home decor will delight anyone who loves the classic sitcom.

BUY NOW: $18


Central Perk Oversized Coffee Mug

Courtesy of Amazon

Any loyal “Friends” fan will appreciate this playful nod to the friend group’s favorite coffeeshop Central Park, where almost half the show’s episodes took place. They’ll feel like they’re right on Stage 24 at Warner Bros. studio while sipping their morning coffee, with the exception that they won’t be waiting on Gunther to bring them their order.

Central Perk Oversized Coffee Mug $12


‘Friends’ Floor Plan Art Print

Courtesy of Etsy

Even if your life savings couldn’t pay for an apartment as spacious as Monica and Chandler’s West Village abode, you can still appreciate it from afar with an artistic rendering of the iconic apartment’s floor plan. Any “Friends” fan would be proud to recognize the blueprint of the set, where most of the show’s best scenes took place.

BUY NOW: $36


Pivot Couch iPhone Case

Courtesy of Redbubble

One of the many iconic scenes from “Friends” shows up in Season 5, when Chandler and Rachel help Ross carry his new couch up the flight of stairs to his apartment. Ross’s exhausted screams of “Pivot, pivot, pivot!” throughout the tumultuous endeavor became one of the most memorable one-liners from the entire series, making it a fun inside joke-type reference for any accessory like a phone case.

BUY NOW: $21

‘Friends’ TV Magnets

Courtesy of Amazon Courtesy of Amazon

Who doesn’t love some fun fridge magnets? This set of 25 magnets is perfect for holding up papers and pictures, while also containing hilarious references to the show’s most quotable one-liners (“How you doin’?”),  recognizable props (Monica’s yellow peephole frame), and iconic scenes (one word: turkey-head).

Friends Fridge Magnets $12.99  $10


‘Friends’ Graphic  Tee

Courtesy of Old Navy Courtesy of Old Navy

You can’t go wrong with this classic gender-neutral tee with the show’s distinct vintage lettering. Made out of super-soft cotton, it can work as a casual everyday outfit or as a comfy oversized tee for bed.

BUY NOW: $14


Central Perk Shadowbox Diorama

Courtesy of Amazon

Created by  professional set designer and model-maker John Eslick, this 3D rendering of the Central Perk coffeehouse is a beautiful piece of art to hang anywhere in the house. From the cafe’s distinct logo to the cast members’ favorite orange couch,  the impressive accuracy and hidden details in this thoughtful diorama make it an extra thoughtful gift.

Central Perk Shadowbox Diorama $140


Central Perk LED Neon Sign

Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

Make some coffee, gather your friends, and pretend you’re the main characters of your own sitcom with this fun and sleek LED sign. Put it up behind your coach or kitchen counter, and the vibes will be secured.

BUY NOW: $40


‘Friends’ Trivial Pursuit Game

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Courtesy of Amazon.

An absolute must-own for any fan of the sitcom.

BUY NOW: $19.44


‘Friends’ Official Cookbook

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Courtesy of Insight Editions.

Host a “Friends” inspired holiday feast with festive recipes inspired by the series. For more TV and movie-inspired cookbooks check out our gift guide here. 

BUY NOW: $29.99  $18.85


‘Friends’ Hand Sanitizer Spray

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Courtesy of Urban Outfitters.

The giftee will be much more inclined to sanitize when they get to spritz this novelty hand sanitizer spray.

BUY NOW: $11


‘Friends’ Drinking Game

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Courtesy of Etsy.

This printable drinking game is the perfect Thanksgiving activity, whether you’re playing in real life or virtually.

BUY NOW: $10.38


‘Friends’ Candle

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Courtesy of Amazon

This has got to be the most quintessentially 2020 gift for “Friends” fans.


‘Friends’ Shaped Playing Cards

Courtesy of Hot Topic

A more perfect gift doesn’t exist for a card-loving “Friends” fan than this themed card set from Hot Topic. These peephole frame-shaped playing cards, as an ode to Monica’s yellow peephole frame, feature hilarious and recognizable images from the show’s best scenes.

BUY NOW: $8.72


‘Friends’ Face Mask

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Courtesy of BEIOUTU.

We could all use another mask in our lineup, and “Friends” fans will love this novelty style.

BUY NOW: $9.88

‘Friends’ Hallmark Christmas Ornament

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Courtesy of Amazon.

Gift your fellow “Friends” aficionado with a touch of Central Perk’s coziness with this festive holiday ornament.

BUY NOW: $8.99  $12.11


‘Friends’: The Complete Series Collection

Courtesy of Amazon Courtesy of Amazon

Although the entire “Friends” series can now be streamed on a variety of platforms like Amazon Prime, HBO Max, and previously, Netflix, this complete DVD set is perfect for anyone who watches their shows in old-school fashion, or really for anyone who has still a DVD slot in any of their devices in the first place. Either way, the complete series is a tried-and-true ballpark gift for anyone who can’t stop binging.

'Friends' Complete DVD Set $89.99  $59.96


‘Friends’ Apartment Lego Set

Courtesy of Lego Courtesy of Lego

There’s nothing better than an ultra-specific Lego set. This one includes 2,050 pieces that allow fans to reconstruct both Joey and Chandler’s apartment, in addition to Rachel-turned-Monica and Chandler’s enviable residence. The set references everyone’s favorite antics from the show, including the huge turkey circa 1998, to Joey and Chandler’s canoe they were stuck with in Season 4.

BUY NOW: $59.99