The Best Eco-Friendly Products to Gift in 2022

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If you’ve become more mindful of your ecological footprint over the last few years, chances are you’ve begun cutting back on your shopping as a way to reduce waste. But as the holidays approach, you might be on the market for a thoughtful gadget or innovative device to gift your loved ones.

Luckily, sustainability has become an increasing priority for brands and companies across the country — and it’s never been easier to find products that not only don’t harm the environment, but can even benefit Planet Earth.

Here are the best sustainable and eco-friendly gifts to shop this year — for every type of person on your list.

Henry Rose Fragrance Gift Box

Courtesy of Henry Rose

The fragrance industry has long been shrouded in secrecy, hindering consumers from knowing exactly what they’re putting on their bodies. This lack of transparency is exactly what Michelle Pfeiffer aimed to solve when she launched Henry Rose in 2019. The genderless fragrance line prides itself on 100% transparency, becoming the first fine fragrances to be both EWG Verified and Cradle to Cradle Certified. This DIY gift set allows you to pair any full-size bottle with a travel-sized tube, perfect for your loved one to use at home and on the go.

BUY NOW: $75  $140

Versed Gift Set

Courtesy of Versed Skin

Sifting through exhaustive lists of ingredients while shopping for skincare is a vital first step — not only to avoid toxic ingredients, but also in figuring out which specific formulas work best for your skin. But more often than not, it can feel like a chore. Thankfully, the popular clean skincare brand Versed does all the work for you, promising vegan and cruelty-free formulas, in addition to recyclable and PCR packaging to maintain net-neutral carbon emissions. This limited-edition five-piece  set includes the brand’s best-selling products for a comprehensive am-pm routine: Day Dissolve, Weekend Glow, Just Breathe,  Press Restart and Dew Point.

BUY NOW: $34.99

Cubbie Kits


Baby waste is unreal. But thanks to creators like Salwa Khan, there’s a sustainable clothing option so you don’t have to feel like you’re contributing to fast fashion. Khan’s Cubbie Kits is a line of simple, baby basics that are easily interchangeable and will withstand multiple washes. Made of 100% GOTS certified organic cotton these little ensembles remain soft (even if you prefer to line dry your items). Go big and send a new parent a singular Cubbie Kit with the option of starting a subscription service. The box includes three tops, two bottoms and a coverall, that’s a handful of outfits that will last around three months. Here’s the really great part, when they’re done with their items it can be sent back clothes to the company and they will make sure it’s donated or recycled responsibly (and when the clothes are returned, you get a discount on future purchases). 

We highly recommend trying out the clothing subscription service Cubbie Kits. But, if you just want to gift a few select items you can always shop a la carte or send this beloved baby blanket which is the perfect size for a little carseat/stroller coverage and not too hot, not too cold.

Baby Clothing Set Cubbie Kids $90

Cozy Earth Bamboo Duvet Cover 

Courtesy of Cozy Earth

Bring hotel comfort to your home with Cozy Earth, the Oprah-loved luxury bedding brand that prides themselves on responsible production and sustainable materials. Their bamboo duvet cover, which Oprah described as the “softest ever,” is made with 100% Viscose from Bamboo — a breathable and moisture-wicking fabric that will immediately alleviate any nighttime sweats. 

BUY NOW: $299

Tushy Classic 3.0 Bidet 

Courtesy of Tushy

Who needs toilet paper when you have Tushy. It takes just one pint of water to properly wash with a bidet compared to the 15 million trees used for toilet paper. The leading bidet brand has optimized pressure and angle control, takes a breezy 8 minutes to install, requires no electricity or plumbing and comes with an automatic self-cleaning nozzle. 

BUY NOW: $129  $99

Everydrop Refrigerator Filter 

Courtesy of Everydrop

Know someone who never stops complaining about refilling the Brita? This refrigerator water filter creates clean, fresh tasting water without the hassle. For only $55, the Everydrop is NSF certified to reduce 28 contaminants including lead, pesticides and pharmaceuticals. Plus, it only takes five minutes to replace the water filter once every six months, serving as an effortless way to reduce plastic waste (one cycle replaces 1500 plastic water bottles). 

BUY NOW: $59.99  $54.99

Our Daily Wines

Courtesy of Our Daily Wines

Our Daily Wines has been at the forefront of sustainable farming practices since its founding in 1989, using nutrient-rich and erosion-resistant soils to produce vibrant tasting grapes — using far less irrigation than traditional methods. You also don’t have to worry about the use of harmful pesticides since their cover crops create biodiversity by attracting natural predators like ladybugs and honeybees instead.

BUY NOW: $9.99

Conscious Step Socks

Courtesy of Conscious Step

Everyone is in the market for new socks, and you can’t go wrong with these consciously-created socks that plant 30 trees for every three socks you buy.

BUY NOW: $39.95

Supernatural Cleaning Starter Kit (30% Off)

Courtesy of Supernatural

For some, cleaning is an act of rejuvinating self-care. This makes a thoughtful gift for anyone in your life whose cleaning practices are an ingrained part of their personalities and would appreciate an easy way to incorporate more sustainable practices into their daily lives. This cleaning starter pack contains four formulas made entirely out of non-toxic and eco-friendly ingredients such as plants, minerals and essential oils. Their 13 oz reusable glass bottles are filled with concentrates for every type of material and surface: wood floors,  glass mirrors,  bath tiles and and granite counters.

BUY NOW: $75  $52.50

The Capsule

Courtesy of Keep Your Cadence

This is exactly the type of kick-knack that you wouldn’t think to buy for yourself, but makes for the perfectly unique gift for someone you love — especially someone whose daily schedules are marked by their self-care rituals. Each buildable capsule magnetically snaps onto each other, growing into a gorgeous honeycomb-shaped storage piece that can hold everything from lotions and medicine to jewelry and serums. Basically, one capsule is equal to one travel sized bottle’s worth of plastic removed from beaches.

BUY NOW: $14

Stasher Starter Kit

Courtesy of Stasher

The sustainable choice can also be the convenient choice. Stasher promotes a no-waste lifestyle while also providing a seamless way to store food and snacks. Their patented Pinch-Loc seal ensures a completely leak-free design, made out of reusable platinum silicone in dozens of gorgeous pastel hues. According to Stasher, one pouch replaces 260 single-use plastic bags every year. Plus, they give back 1% of all sales to nonprofits working to protect the planet.

BUY NOW: $92.99

Living Composter

Courtesy of Uncommon Goods

This sculptural compost container is part kitchen decor, part biomorphic worm house. How it works: drop fruit and vegetable peelings, grain foods or tea bags into the vessel, where worms-in-residence will eat at least half their weight in scraps a day. Worm castings, as they’re called, are considered the best natural fertilizer out there, packed with water soluble nutrients that can grow fresh plants from your waste.

BUY NOW: $99

Uni Starter Pack

Courtesy of Uni

Uni is changing the game when it comes to sustainable bodycare. Their sustainability process is based on what they dub the “Uni Cycle,” considering the entire life cycle of every element in production. Not only are their dispensers made to be reused and recycled in a closed loop cycle, but their formulas don’t include any ingredients on the HEL list and are instead made out of reef-safe ingredient. Plus, Uni contributes 1% of every sale to coral restoration. Their Starter Kit includes everything you need for a full bodycare routine: Hydrating Shampoo, Hydrating Conditioner, Skin Shield Body Wash, 24-Hour Serum and Exfoliating Hand Wash.

BUY NOW: $143.99


Package Free Store

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The Package Free shop has over 18 different kinds of sustainable starter kits including zero waste oral care, shaving, lunch kits and more. Each little kit comes with exactly what you’ll need to kick disposable plastic out of your daily routine forever. Be it at the beach or at the market.

40% Off Zero Waste Store


Girlfriend Collective

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Courtesy of Girlfriend

This beloved sustainable athleisure wear is known for its leggings and bra sets made out of recycled polyester, recycled spandex and recycled post-consumer bottles  The colors are delicious, their styles trendy, sizes inclusive (ranging from XXS to 6XL) and their packaging is made out of 100% recycled materials and is recyclable. Our favorites include the Dylan tank bra and matching Lava float ultra high rise legging. The brand has also just added lounge wear and outerwear to their line (we’re obsessed with this recycled fleece hoodie).

Girlfriend Collective

Sunski Sunglasses

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Courtesy of Sunski

Constructed out of recycled plastic from landfills, Sunski sunglasses offers a variety of styles of specs from the polarized shades (pictured above) to blue light blockers. Our standouts include the Avilas and the tortoise Seaflips.

Sunski Sunglasses

Avocado Mattress and Bed Frame Sales

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Courtesy of Avocado

Avocado mattress seemingly has the sustainable market cornered on green mattresses. Their bedding is made out of certified non-toxic and organic materials. The brand is also Climate Neutral certified, their factories are powered by renewable energy and have set a goal to try and achieve zero waste in their production. This month the company is offering a healthy discount on mattresses, bed frames, lounge wear and more.

Avocado Sale

Rothy’s Vanity Set

Courtesy of Rothys

When it comes to sustainable style, no one does it better than Rothy’s. The popular eco-friendly company prioritizes circularity in their manufacturing process: they use plastic bottles and marine plastic to craft all their products, knit their products to shape to minimize production waste, and every single piece on their site is machine washable and remarkably durable so you aren’t forced into buying regular replacements. Although they’re best known for their extensive shoe collection, this double vanity set is the way to go if you don’t know someone’s shoe size. This chic duo is crafted out of ocean-bound marine plastic and comes with two different sized pouches to fit everything you need.

BUY NOW: $175

Axiology Balmies Trio

Courtesy of Axiology

Not only are Balmies made out of nourishing oils and antioxidants, but they’re completely waste free. Each vegan crayon are tube and cap free, and are packed in a recyclable carrying case that you can fit in almost any bag on the go. This set makes a perfect stocking stuffer, and features crayons in Caramel, Nude Plum and Cherry to add a warm note of color with every refreshing swipe. If you’re gifting someone who doesn’t usually go for colored lips, you can always go with this all-natural sheer formula from Seed Phytonutrients

BUY NOW: $36

Meow Meow Tweet Deodorant Stick

Courtesy of The Detox Market

Meow Meow Tweet’s’ baking soda-free stick might be the only all-natural deodorant that actually works (and doesn’t crumble!). With a subtle woody fragrance, the blend is made from potent plant oils and mineral powders — all packed in a convenient push-up tube that’s completely biodegradable. This natural deodorant from Ritual is also an eco-friendly option that doesn’t sacrifice functionality, and comes in a reusable glass container.

BUY NOW: $14


The Farmstand

Courtesy of Lettuce Grow

Know someone who treats their home garden like their child? The self-fertilizing and self-watering Farmstand, which comes with more than 200 varieties of pre-sprouted seedings, is the perfect gift for anyone who finds joy in growing produce in their own backyard. From kale and other lettuce, to herbs, strawberries, tomatoes, cucumbers and eggplant, the innovative gardening tool promises daily fresh meals for the entire family. Not only do the stands work for both indoor and outdoor use, but it uses 95% less water than traditional gardening. Plus, one Farmstand is donated for every one sold.

BUY NOW: $348

Zero Waste Starter Kit

Courtesy of Etsy

And if you didn’t find what you were looking for above for a sustainable starter kit, there’s plenty more on the internet. This all-encompassing box is packed with dozens of products to help you eliminate single-plastics, such as bamboo cutlery and cotton swabs,  a reusable produce bag and a soap saver pouch. Plus, it even comes with a gift wrapping option to give the box a festive touch for the holiday season.

BUY NOW: $24.21

Mvmt Minimal Sport Watch

Courtesy of MVMT

Of course, even the non-surfers among us can do with a stylish timepiece. Mvmt’s ocean plastic edition is a sustainable and innovative ode to the ocean, sourced by the Swiss-based Tide Ocean organization. The case, strap and buckle are all made out of reclaimed ocean pollution, and even features a solar panel underneath the dial that converts light into energy to charge its battery.

BUY NOW: $188

Bogue Beard Balm

Courtesy of Amazon

Above all else, Bogue is committed to using only the best ingredients in all their products, which is all you can really ask for in any skin or haircare product. Bogue is most well known for their beard balms, which pack together argan, avocado, jojoba, beeswax and other natural oils for a solid balm that melts on the skin in seconds. Its mix of cedarwood and rosemary aromas don’t hurt either.

Bogue Beard Balm $20.00


Metal Straws (16% Off)

Courtesy of Amazon

No sustainable gift guide is complete without metal straws. And even for those that have been on the plastic straw ban for a while, you can never have too many alternatives. These metal straws come in extra long sizes to fit in a wide range of tumblers and glasses, and are made out of top-grade stainless steel that are BPA-free and have no metal aftertaste. Plus, the pack comes with a scrub for easy cleaning and reusable pouch for on-the-go sipping.

Vehhe Metal Straws $5.49

Window Solar Charger ($10 Off)

Courtesy of Group Hug Tech

As seen on “SharkTank,” this easy-to-install and sleek solar panel works to charge a wide range of devices all from the power of the sun. A suction cup hook can attach to any window in the house, and comes with a built-in USB port that can charge iPhones, Androids, smart watches, AirPods, bike lights and speakers.

BUY NOW: $139  $149

Google Nest Learning Thermostat (12% Off)

Courtesy of Amazon

This smart thermostat can help someone in your life lower their carbon footprint and electricity bill. The Google Nest is a programmable thermostat that uses algorithmic technology to learn your schedule and temperature preferences while programming itself to save energy. A nifty remote control allows anyone in the house to change the temperature from their phone or laptop, and even check their own energy history to track their own usage. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that it’s packed in a a polished design that can be subtly tucked away in any corner of the house.

Google Nest Learning Thermostat $199.99

Furoshiki Reusable Gift Wrapping Cloth

Courtesy of Anthropologie

If you want to go all out with your sustainable gifting this year, then you’ll want an alternative to paper and plastic wrapping paper. Furoshiki is a traditional Japanese wrapping cloth used to cover gifts, and this  gorgeous pack comes adorned with vibrant designs that will add an extra touch to anything you gift this year.

BUY NOW: $12.37

Unpaper Towels and Holder

Courtesy of Etsy

This playful, handmade paper towel alternative boasts more than 10,000 five-star reviews on Etsy, where customers rave about the wipes’ absorbent and easy-to-clean texture, in addition to unique and vibrant designs that brighten up any kitchen. Most reviewers recommend the “surprise prints” package, which comes with an eclectic mix of 24 fun prints, all inlaid on the 1-ply 100% cotton flannel towels.

BUY NOW: $96