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Everyone loves a good makeover. It’s hard to think of a more head-turning one than Shiv Roy’s transformation on “Succession” from the first to second season. And as we wait for Season 3 to make its return to HBO on Oct. 17, we can only imagine how the cunning corporate mastermind will continue to change up her look — especially now that she has to straddle looking good while babysitting both Tom and Kendall.

Looking back, Shiv’s initial transformation all started with the haircut. When we see Shiv (Sarah Snook) returning from her honeymoon during the premiere of the sophomore season, her long, loose, messy Bohemian waves have been dramatically replaced with a razor-sharp shoulder-length bob. Her closet had an equally impactful upgrade. Instead of frumpy, bland pieces that were forgetful and ill-fitting, Shiv turned to power dressing, opting for classic, elegant pieces with sharp tailoring that command attention. Monochromatic suiting, turtlenecks, high-waisted paints and dainty gold jewelry became her armor. Why the sudden transformation? The dangling carrot of being named the successor to the family business, Waystar Royco. Like so many women before her, she decided to dress for the job she wanted — not the one she had.

Her physical transformation matched the one inside. She went from the lone liberal outlier in the family to a cunning and calculating climber aiming to achieve the coveted CEO role of the family business. To show that metamorphosis, “Succession’s” costumer designer, Michelle Matland, has said her new taste was inspired by Marlene Dietrich and women from the 1930s who dressed in sophisticated neutrals and tailored high-waisted pants. Though Shiv has the budget to fill her closet with anything she wishes, her style remains cool, collected and classic — there’s never a hint of bling or over the top trends. Wearing impeccable tailoring is a statement in itself. While the silhouettes always veer conservative, she knows how to subtly show off her figure when she wants to. After all, who can forget that backless top? Shiv’s outfits have been as closely watched as the plotlines of “Succession.”

The best thing about Shiv’s signature style is that it’s easy to re-create, even without her massive shopping budget. Her looks are wearable and easy to pull off, and available at a range of price points. And if you do splurge a little on a Shiv-approved piece or two, they’re classic items that will have staying power in your closet for a very long time. Here’s how to get her look and easy ways to dress just like Shiv Roy, just in time for the anticipated third season.

1 State Blazer

Courtesy of Revolve

There’s nothing like a well-fitting blazer to make you think you can rule the world…or at least Waystar Royco. This structured suit jacket features padded shoulders and buttoned cuffs for a tailored look. An understated plaid makes it a versatile piece, easy to pair with a variety of neutral-toned colors and styles.

BUY NOW: $139

DAYINKEE Women’s Casual Office Lapel Blazer


Double-breasted blazers are another stronghold in Shiv’s arsenal of power pieces. Hers are typically cut slightly loose, but with enough structure to show off her figure. The key is balance: Only wear one breezy-fitting item at a time. To enhance your natural waistline, copy Shiv’s look by adding a belt to accessorize. This military style blazer can easily be dressed up or down — it looks equally good with cigarette pants as jeans, but we know which option Shiv would go for. The gold buttons add a nice accent touch.

DAYINKEE Women's Blazer

Ninety Percent Turtleneck

Turtlenecks are the building blocks of Shiv’s Season Two wardrobe. The cornerstone of her closet is infinitely versatile and can be paired with endless options. Shiv gravitates toward sleek turtlenecks in solid hues, just like this black one by Ninety Percent, which is made from finely ribbed organic cotton-jersey. Season One Shiv would have loved the fact that Ninety Percent’s designers, Shafiq Hassan and Para Hamilton, donate 90% of their brands profits to charitable causes, which is where the name comes from.

Ninety Percent Sweater $50

 Lioness Melrose Backless Top (30% Off)

Shiv has had countless outfit-making moments, but that backless sweater certainly tops the list. From the front, it was all business, but the back was a different story, just like this backless sweater from Lioness. Until you turn around, the front of the black ribbed turtleneck looks completely ordinary, but the other side reveals a very different story. The turtleneck cut and long sleeves balance out all that surprise skin that is revealed.

BUY NOW: $79  $55.30

High-Rise Slim Wide-Leg Flannel Pant (60% Off)

Courtesy of Banana Republic

Shiv loves a belted trouser. And why shouldn’t she? A chic belt helps cinch your waist even more and adds a delightful vintage vibe. Made out of Italian wool blend flannel, these wide-leg trousers will keep you cozy in the colder months, and feature a narrow fit from hip to hem for a flattering silhouette.

BUY NOW: $119  $46.99

Topshop High-Waist Trousers (60% Off)

Courtesy of Asos

When it comes to her impressive collection of high-waist trousers, Shiv clearly looks to Katharine Hepburn as a muse. The Old Hollywood staple always looks fresh. This option from Topshop will be a welcome addition to your closet.

Topshop High-Waist Trousers $74  $29.60

Good American Blazer Dress

A double-breasted blazer dress is the tailored, modern take on a power suit and it’s one that Shiv wears well. It proves you mean business while showing your feminine side. This striking one by Good American is perfectly polished and will make a statement beyond the boardroom.

BUY NOW: $235

Tahari Two-Piece Asymmetrical Belted Suit (49% Off)

Another Shiv must is a monochromatic suit, with matching monochromatic accessories. She tends to stick with neutral colors, so this white one works for her style rules. Monochromatic outfits add another layer of sophistication and visual interest. Look for flattering details and sharp tailoring to dress like Shiv. This two-piece suit by Tahari has both. The asymmetrical hem of the jacket adds an unexpected twist and the classic skirt with a slit is a complimentary cut.

Fettero Women Moon Necklace

Though Shiv has the big bucks to bling herself out however she pleases, she chooses to adorn herself with simple thin gold necklaces instead. Opting for delicate jewelry instead of flashing diamonds shows her restraint — and that she doesn’t need to prove her worth. Copy Shiv’s look with this simple yet sophisticated dainty gold necklace that’s brass-plated 14k gold.

Fettero Women Moon Necklace $13.49

MVMT Charlie Watch

Courtesy of MVMT

Whether she’s at a networking gala or a board meeting, Shiv always has a plan up her sleeve…and a need to watch the clock. Jewelry and timepieces are one of the easies tell-tales of wealth, but luckily there are dozens of affordable high-class options that help achieve a sophisticated look. This 24mm Charlie watch packs a vintage shape, wrapped with a polished gold and white color way on a 5-link band.

BUY NOW: $128

Jeffrey Campbell Librarian Loafer

Courtesy of Nordstrom

Although Shiv usually goes for classic heels, loafers are a good alternative for long days in the office. Jeffrey Campbells are a go-to brand for chunky and stylish silhouettes that pair well with wide-leg trousers and blazers. This simple pair features a scalloped welt and notched strap across the vamp, and also comes in a dark nude and white.

BUY NOW: $134.95