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There are few fandoms in the entertainment world that come even close to the intensity of that surrounding the DC Comics franchise. We’ve seen “Wonder Woman” tattoos, unrivaled cosplay costumes and dissertation-worthy debates about the Snyder Cut. So, it was only a matter of time before people found a way to incorporate their favorite superheroes into one of the most important rituals in their lives.

DC Comics has teamed up with Manly Bands on a new collection of wedding bands inspired by the franchise’s most iconic characters. The lineup, which was released this past weekend, includes six rings in different colors and styles. One Cobalt Chrome ring features red and blue detailing and is engraved with the “Superman” emblem. Other pieces in the collection take on a more classic style, such as the Black Zirconium ring which subtly alludes to Aquaman through a sea-like inlay made out of mother of pearl.

If you and your partner, like many couples around the world, have bonded through a mutual obsession for DC, then these might just make for a perfectly nerdy twist on your “I do’s.”

Check out each of the wedding bands below, and shop the entire collection here.

The Superman

Courtesy of Manly Bands

You’ll feel as powerful as the Man of Steel with this Cobalt Chrome ring, which features a blue cerakote inlay and red cerakote sleeve in honor of Superman. The 8mm band even includes the iconic Superman emblem, the Kryptonian symbol of “hope.”

BUY NOW: $595

The Wonder Woman

Courtesy of Manly Bands

Only 4mm wide, the Wonder Woman band makes for a delicate counterpart to the Superman band. Made of cobalt chrome with a distressed finish, the ring features two thin blue inlays and a 1mm 14K yellow gold trim in homage to the god-like superhero’s Lasso of Truth.

BUY NOW: $995

The Bruce Wayne

Courtesy of Manly Bands

The Bruce Wayne band is as discreet as the billionaire and notorious playboy from which it gets its name. At first glance you might not even notice the string of .02 black diamonds wrapped around the exterior, inlaid against atop a grooved charcoal gray surface. On the interior, you’ll find a subtle engraving of the Batman logo as a nod to the businessman’s hidden identity.

BUY NOW: $2,395

The Joker

Courtesy of Manly Bands

Maybe you have a sardonic take on marriage or get a thrill from the Joker’s maniacal laugh. Either way, the DC supervillain gets a romantic homage in this black zirconium ring, inlaid with demascus steel and featuring green and purple cerakote that’s so stunning you’ll almost forget your token of love is represented by a homicidal maniac.

BUY NOW: $995

The Flash

Courtesy of Manly Bands

The Flash uses a ring to conceal his costume while operating in the real world, so it makes sense that the superhero gets his own luxe ring in this new collection. Asymmetrical red detailing runs across the band as an ode to the “Fastest Man Alive,” while solid 14K yellow gold gleams peeks out from within the inner dome, engraved with the Flash emblem.

BUY NOW: $2,195

The Aquaman

Courtesy of Manly Bands

A glimmering stripe of abalone shell, with swirling hues of dark green and blue, nods to the Aquaman’s home in the depths of the ocean. The superhero’s spearhead motif is engraved on the inside of the dome, finished in a vibrant green cerakote.

BUY NOW: $795