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The way one decorates their Christmas tree can say a lot about a person. From classic glass balls and icicle-shaped baubles, to minimalist fairy lights and over-the-top tree toppers, there are countless ways to deck out a festive pine.

The pop-culture obsessed might prefer to decorate their tree with more eclectic and unique ornaments, though. Why go with a red and green bauble when you can hang up a photo of Ted Lasso in a Santa hat, or a felt creation of Paul Hollywood giving a cake a good ‘ol taste taste?

Whichever your show or movie of choice, here are the best pop culture ornaments to decorate your tree this year.

Ted Lasso Ornament 

Courtesy of Etsy

It’s hard to think of anyone else on TV right now that would make a more convincing Santa cosplay than Jason Sudeikis’ Ted Lasso. The beloved soccer is Santa-fied in this original ornament design, standing in front of a festive background, soccer ball in tow.

BUY NOW: $13.49

Bernie Sanders Ornament

Courtesy of Etsy

Bernie Sanders rang in the New Year as a meme at President Biden’s inauguration in January, so it’s only fitting to close out the year with a nod to the Vermont senator. This wooden cut out is inlaid with a high-res image of the photo that you couldn’t have gone this past year without seeing: an unenthused Sanders sitting cross-legged in the cold while seeing the new President get sworn in at the White House. While you’re at it, check out these best-selling hand-crocheted mittens inspired by Sanders’ buzzy winter fit.

BUY NOW: $7.96

Great British Bake Off Ornament

Courtesy of Etsy

If Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood kept you sane throughout the pandemic, then you’ll want to celebrate the wholesome “British Bake Off” duo with your Christmas decorations this year. This felt set comes with a recreation of the bearded celebrity chef alongside a delicious-looking lineup of baked good that he’s sure to judge with a discerning eye.

BUY NOW: $10.12

‘Squid Game’ Ornament

Courtesy of Etsy

No, this piggy bank isn’t filled with 45 billion won like the one featured in “Squid Game” but this adorable handmade ornament does come packed with wooden-carved bills in the spirit of the hit Netflix series, and according to rave reviews on the site even comes packaged with cryptic messages reminiscent of the notes received by each o the players at the beginning of the games.

BUY NOW: $17

‘Rick and Morty’ Ornament

Courtesy of Etsy

Every “Rick and Morty” fan will want their favorite duo dangling from their tree! This set of two ornaments finds Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith at the center of their own festive snow globes (because even these two travel home from the distant galaxies for the holidays). And if you’re a huge “Rick and Morty” fan, then you’ll want to make sure to check out this one-of-a-kind merch inspired by the hit Adult Swim show.

BUY NOW: $14.02

Grateful Dead Ornament

Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

The iconic rock band’s dancing bears don Santa hats in this sleek and colorful ornament set, perfect for any Deadheads in your life (yourself included!). Each resin-coated piece comes with a loop for hanging, in a psychedelic-inspired color assortment. These festive decorations are just the latest in a long line of groovy Grateful Dead collaborations to come out this year. Here, sift through our definitive Grateful Dead Gift Guide.

BUY NOW: $12

Broadway Playbill Ornaments

Courtesy of Etsy

No matter which live show is their favorite, there’s sure to be a fun playbill-themed ornament to their liking. These best-selling ornaments from Etsy has everything from “Hamilton” and “Waitress to “Phantom of the Opera” and “Hamilton. Even better if you pair it with some Broadway merch (or even a ticket to a Broadway show) to boot!


Harry Styles Ornament

2021 has been Harry Styles year. The former One Direction frontman finally went on tour for his chart-topping debut album “Fine Line” this year and he’s become a style icon in the process, channeling the eccentric rock-and-roll style of icons that have preceded him like Elton John.  Add some Styles edge to your Christmas tree this year with this lightweight album, designed with the singer’s pink and blue album artwork.

Harry Styles Ornament $14.40

Christmas Story Ornament

Courtesy of Macy’s

To the delight of “A Christmas Story” devotees everywhere, Old Man Parker’s prized leg lamp has been reprised in the form of a quirky and unique ornament. Complete with mesh leggings and a yellow lamp shade, it. makes for a whimsical and festive decoration any year.

BUY NOW: $19.95

‘Schitt’s Creek’ Ornament

Courtesy of Etsy

While gathering around for your celestial holiday fête why not celebrate with television’s Moira Rose? This adorable “Schitt’s Creek” ornament reminds us all that there are plenty of things to celebrate, such as Catherine O’Hara’s perfect pronunciation of the word bébé. And if you’re looking for more, may we suggest this “Best Wishes, Warmest Regards” holiday hanging? View our best gifts for “Schitt’s Creek” fanatics guide here.

Schitt's Creek Ornament $12.99

Picard ‘Make It Snow’ Ornament

Ahead of “Strange New Worlds,” set for a release next year, spread some Christmas cheer with everyone’s favorite “Star Trek” captain (no, that title is not up for debate). One thing worth celebrating this year was the return of Picard played by Sir Patrick Stewart. Created by CastleMcQuade, this is just one example of several astounding pop culture Christmas decorations.

Picard Ornament $7.50

Saint Dolly

Courtesy of Netflix

America’s Sweetheart always deserves a spot of honor on the tree. The singer came out with her debut fragrance this year (not to mention a fabulous advent calendar), but she should really be front and center for her work in 2020, when she contributed a million dollars for coronavirus vaccine research and putting out not one, but two holiday specials.

Icon Ornament $5.60

The Mandalorian’ Ornament

Baby Yoda Ornament

Baby Yoda is the cutest thing to shake up the “Star Wars” toy aisle, it’s all about Baby Yoda (and yes that is the name we’re sticking with). Naturally the holiday offerings for BY-adjacent decorations is staggering. We particularly liked this simplistic ornament (move Baby Yoda’s arms and legs by yanking on the space frog). However, there are so many additional options like Baby Yoda in his floating pram, Baby Yoda mid-force stance and even super cute cartoony versions of Baby Yoda ornaments. The Baby Yoda options are limitless, and if you want more we have a whole “Star Wars” gift guide here. 

'The Mandalorian' Ornament $15.99

BTS Ornament

BTS Ornament

BT-yes! This adorable BTS ornament pack includes a unique ornament for each band member, and one with the group’s logo. Fans could even create a BTS Christmas tree with a set of these glittery charms. (Official BTS merchandise can be found here)

BTS Ornament $12.00

‘Die Hard’ Christmas Pack

Let the world know your stance on whether or not “Die Hard” is considered a Christmas movie (it is) with this holiday collection of cheerful characters from the classic action film.

'Die Hard' Ornament Pack $32.50


Super Mario Star Tree Topper

Courtesy of Etsy

Light up your room with a power star! Let your love of classic video gaming light up your tree, and your living room, with this adorable tree topper.

Tree Topper $12

‘Friends’ TV Show Ornament

We challenge you to name a peephole more iconic than the one in Rachel and Monica’s apartment. “Friends” fans will be head over heels for this peephole frame ornament! Check out our full “Friends” obsessed gift guide here. 

Friends TV Show Ornament


Buddy the Elf Ornament

We love “Elf,” we love “Elf” and we don’t care who knows it! One of the most beloved Christmas characters of all time deserves prime real estate on your Christmas tree. This ornament is even more fun than pushing all of the buttons on the elevator.

Hallmark Buddy the Elf Ornament $20.44


‘Stranger Things’ Glass Christmas Ornament

Who can resist a good pun? Not “Stranger Things” fans! After all, the show has been Christmas ready since season one when they used Christmas lights to communicate with Will in the upside down. The quirky ornament is made from high-quality blown glass with a gold crown on top and gold string. Check out our horror fan gift guide here. 

Tree Buddees Santa Things Funny Stranger Things Parody Glass Christmas Ornament $13.95


Hallmark ‘The Wizard of Oz’ Ruby Slippers Christmas Ornament

When we’re talking the best pop culture Christmas tree ornaments, you have to include an option from one of the greatest pop culture staples of all time: “The Wizard of Oz.” Dorothy’s sparkling ruby slippers are a pretty reminder that there’s no place like home and that sentiment rings extra true during the holidays. Made of resin, the ornament comes in a box with a hanger attachment so it’s ready to adorn your tree.

Hallmark The Wizard of Oz Ruby Slippers Christmas Ornament


‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ Jack Skellington Ornament

If you like your Christmas with a bit of Halloween mixed in, then this is the pop culture Christmas ornament for you! Jack Skellington, aka the Pumpkin King, from the classic “The Nightmare Before Christmas” adds his macabre holiday cheer to the tree. Real “Nightmare Before Christmas” fans will also  appreciate the comprehensive cookbook inspired by the Tim Burton classic.

Hallmark The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington Ornament $19.95


Murray Christmas Holiday Ornament

You’ll have a very Murray Christmas indeed with Bill Murray bringing cheer to your tree. The hand-painted ornament is made in the U.S. from sustainably sourced wood, so it does good while looking good.

Telestic Design Murray Christmas Bill Murray Holiday Ornament $12.99

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