We’re no longer locked inside like during the early stages of the pandemic, but we can still enjoy some of the best (and most hilarious) songs that kept us company during quarantine. After much anticipation, the vinyl version of Bo Burnham’s genius soundtrack to his comedy special “Inside” is finally out in the world.

“Inside (The Songs)” was released on CD and vinyl today. While the limited quantities of autographed CDs that Burnham offered up on his official website have already sold out,  batches of exclusive colored vinyl versions are still available on retail sites such as Urban Outfitters and Target — so you’ll want to act fast.

The comedian garnered instant praise for the Netflix special upon its release in May. The entire film was written, directed, filmed, edited and performed by Burnham, without a crew, in his Los Angeles home while in quarantine. Through music, stand-up comedy, and one-man bits, he touched on topics ranging from mental health and climate change to his relationship to the Internet.

The most popular song from the soundtrack is “Bezos 1,” in which Burnham ridicules the former Amazon CEO in addition to other tech founders such as Jeff Zuckerberg and Bill Gates. It became an instant hit on Tik-Tok, even landing a Number 10 spot on Rolling Stone’s 200 Album charts.

Other songs on the soundtrack include “All Eyes on Me,” which became the first comedy song to enter the Billboard Global 200 Charts, and “White Woman’s Instagram,” a hilarious parody about social media tropes.

“Inside” earned Burnham six 2021 Emmy Awards: Outstanding Director for a Variety Special, Outstanding Picture Editing For Variety Programming, Outstanding Music Direction, Outstanding Variety Special (Pre-Recorded), Outstanding Writing for A Variety Special and, finally, Outstanding Original Music and Lyrics for “Comedy.”

‘Inside (The Songs)’

Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

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