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A soundbar is one of the first steps you can take towards enhancing your movie streaming experience from home. But with dozens of models and brands all touting advanced technology and features, it can be hard to decipher which ones are really worth the price.

Samsung is one of the best brands on the market for theater equipment, with their newest soundbar models rivaling those from more audio-centric companies such as Bose and Sony. Take your pick from luxury five-part audio systems such as their newest 950A, which boasts some of the most impressive Dolby Atmos performance on the market, or their all-in-one budget soundbar that gets the job done for only $280.

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Samsung HW-Q950A (11% Off)

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Samsung’s most recent soundbar model, which came out in April of 2021, boasts some of the most immersive Dolby Atmos performance on the market, thanks to 16 separate audio channels. While it’s made up of four separate parts, the main bar is slim enough to fit under most TVs,  with sufficiently compact rears and subwoofer. Although it’s likely to take up more space than some soundbars whose headlining features are portability, you won’t be disappointed by the sound they produce. In general, if you’re looking to enhance your movie theater with room-filling audio and powerful sound at any cost, then Samsung’s Q950A should be your top choice.

Samsung HW-Q950A $1,337.95

Samsung HW-Q900A (8% Off)

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Unlike its predecessor the 900A, the 900T supports AirPlay and an Auto EQ room correction feature which, alongside other enhancements such as Q-Symphony and SpaceFit Sound+, work to create immersive sound well worth the higher price tag (currently $102 off on Amazon). This customization is one of the best aspects of the 900A. It packs a relatively neutral sound profile into its two-unit kit, best used for mixed usage that doesn’t necessarily need a heavy bass, although this can also be easily modified with some fine-tuning. Reviewers have noted that the 900T is best for dialogue-centric shows movies, with voices localized to locations on the screen and a balanced mid-range, not to mention an Active Voice Amplifier and Voice Enhancement feature for even crisper on-screen conversations.

Samsung Q900A $1,299.99  $979.99

Samsung HW-S60A (10% Off)

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For only $280, the S60A offers the most bang for your buck compared to the rest of Samsung’s lineup. The all-in-one bar packs Airplay 2 and an Alexa for seamless voice controls, with impressive sound quality considering the budget price tag. Although there’s no Dolby Atmos, you do get 5.0-channel sound and side-firing drivers for surround sound that gets the job done. Basically, if you aren’t looking to invest too heavily in your home theater, but would like to make an enhancement to your regular TV speakers, the S60A won’t disappoint.

Samsung HW-S60A $329.99  $269.99

Samsung HW-Q950T

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The 950T has since been replaced by the newer 950A (featured at the top of this list) but it’s still considered one of the best soundbar models from Samsung. Its 9.1.4 configuration seems catered specifically towards Dolby Atmos and DTS:X audio formats, with powerful audio that reviewers have noted is basically, for lack of a better word, perfect. It’s a particularly good choice for those that will be outfitting larger theater spaces or living rooms, with deep bass and mid-range openness that can fill large spaces with immersive sound, unrivaled by most other large-speakered systems aside from its successor.

Samsung HW-Q950T