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If you can’t wait for the next season of “Rick and Morty,” you’re not the only one. The show is one of the highest rated animated series of all-time, making creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland comedy heroes to many. They’ve earned a league of dedicated followers for hitting it out of the park with every episode. With a huge fan base comes the “Rick and Morty” merch to match. Fans can snatch up everything from T-shirts to puzzles to lamps with their favorite characters. Here’s the best “Rick and Morty” merch available now.

Pickle Rick Socks

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Keep a little “Rick and Morty” flair on your person all the times with these pickle Rick socks from Good Luck Sock. With over six different “Rick and Morty” style to choose from you’re definitely going to find a sock to please even the most demanding of “Rick and Morty” fans. $10.95, amazon


Total Rickall Cooperative Card Game

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This game recreates the hijinks of the classic “Rick and Morty” episode “Total Rickall.” The game needs anywhere from 2 to 5 players to play, and has over 114 cards a.k.a. zany new cast members that may or may not be real. It’s up to you to decide which new character is real, and which one is a parasitic alien. $10.99, amazon.com

Rick and Morty Official Coloring Book 

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Science has officially proven that activities to keep your mind occupied, be it building puzzles or coloring, can actually lower your anxiety. So, buy this coloring book, science says so! The 80-page book (in paperback or spiral bound) includes scenes from your favorite past episodes along with wholly new scenarios to find Rick and Morty in. So show us what you got people, and get to coloring!  $10 – 25, amazon.com


Ripple Junction Rick and Morty Portal T-Shirt

It’s hard to think of a bigger fashion trend than tie-dye right now, so “Rick and Morty” fans can get in on the fad with this tee depicting their favorite duo. Made from 100% cotton, this T-shirt is officially licensed, so it’s the real deal. Also available as a sweatshirt. $22.99, amazon.com

Portal Umbrella

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You can now have your own portal gun, and rain shield. This adorable umbrella boasts a portal gun handle that shoots out a portal protectant to keep you safe from rain. Just don’t get stuck halfway through. This officially licensed merch has a 36″ canopy of green shelter.  $26.70, amazon.com 

‘Rick and Morty’ Your Family

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Bring the whole family into the “Rick and Morty” fold and toonify your loved ones with a custom designed portrait. Send a picture of the people you want drawn itoonify will translate them into your favorite cartoon. Three sizes are offered: 16″ x 12″, 24″ x 16″ or 30″ x 20″ and a preview of your piece will be sent before printing for approval. $59, amazon.com 


AirPods Case Protective Cover

Keep your AirPods safe and secure with this Pickle Rick protective cover. Made from premium silicone, it’s durable, scratch-proof and shockproof. Even better, the earpods case has a charger port so you can keep your device juiced up at all times. And with a case this cool, you’ll never have to worry about forgetting your AirPods anywhere. $9.99, amazon.com

Rick and Morty Salt and Pepper Shaker Figure Set

Spice up any meal with this Pickle Rick and Plumbus salt and pepper shaker figure set. No matter what you’re serving, it’ll instantly seem more delicious and be the conversation starter at breakfast, lunch or dinner. Made out of ceramic, they stand about 5″ tall. $19.97, amazon.com


Rick and Morty Soft Slippers

Talk about happy feet! Certainly the best of “Rick and Morty” merch, one slipper is Rick and the other Morty. They slip on for easy wear and foam keeps your feet super comfy. They have anti-skid textured soles to keep you steady and prevent any slipping. $24.99, amazon.com


50 Pack ‘Rick and Morty’ Stickers

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Stickers aren’t just for kids, and this 50 pack featuring Rick and Morty proves you’re never too old for them. Made from PVC vinyl paper, they’re safe, non-toxic, waterproof and durable, so they won’t budge wherever you choose to put them. They can be used on practically anything to show off your Rick and Morty pride, including laptops, skateboards, luggage, cars, bikes, snowboard, PS4, XBOX ONE, water bottles, cell phones, tablets, speakers, journals, helmets, refrigerators — you name it. $6.99, amazon.com


Chia Pet Rick Decorate Planter

Cha cha cha chia! Everyone’s favorite decorative plant gets the “Rick and Morty” treatment with this Rick planter. In just a week or two it’ll reach maximum growth to emulate Rick’s unique hair. It comes with everything needed, including the pottery planter, plastic drip tray, enough chia seed packets for three plantings and care instructions on how to grow it. The planters can be washed and reused with a new batch of seeds over and over again. $19.99, amazon.com


Game Against Rick and Morty

If you thought Cards Against Humanity could get twisted, just wait until you and your friends play the “Rick and Morty” version! Just like the original, players try to come up with the zaniest, funniest answers for the fill in the blanks cards. The game will make you laugh just as hard as the TV show. $29.99, amazon.com


Funko Pop Keychain Rick Toy Figure

Digging around for your keys is a lot more fun when Rick is on the other end. This Pocket POP Keychain from Funko makes easier to remember your keys every time. The Rick figures stands an inch and a half tall, but we all know his personality is much bigger than that. $9.86, amazon.com


Rick & Morty — Rick’s Space Ship USB Light

This little lamp of Rick’s ship will literally light up the life of any fan, making it one of the best pieces of “Rick and Morty” merch. All you have to do is plug it into a USB port and you’ll be ready for an adventure of your own. The versatile lamp can be used for a desk, nightlight, home movie theater and practically any other place you can think of. $20.00, amazon.com