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While unbearably long TSA lines and delayed flights are an expected disruption during holiday travel, this year saw an unprecedented level of chaos due to a winter storm that left thousands stranded at airports across the country. And to make things worse? Once people finally reached their final destination, oftentimes after days of travel, their luggage didn’t make it with them.

While much of this year’s aviatic disorder — the result of staffing shortages, weather problems and technological failures — has been out of travelers’ control, there are at least ways to make finding wayward bags easier in the future. The solution? Apple AirTags.

The smart tracking device has become a No. 1 bestseller on Amazon in the past month as more and more people tag their luggage with the Bluetooth tracker, which in the past was typically used to find commonly lost items like phones and keys.

If you’re using it for traveling, the Apple AirTag will send you a notification when it safely arrives at the airport. If things go haywire, you can use Apple’s extensive Find My network to locate the exact location of your tag, and anything to which it’s attached. It’s particularly effective because it can still be tracked when it’s powered off or not connected to the internet. As long as the AirTag is in Bluetooth range of another Apple device that’s opted into the Find My network (of which there are reportedly close to 1 billion), then you’ll be able to find it on a map, which you can also easily show to an airport agent.

While the Apple AirTag is the most reliable, the Tile Mate is a close second for non-iPhone users. It’s compatible with both iOs and Android so by installing the Tile app on your phone, you can track your belongings in real time.

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