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We’re definitely not going to pass judgment on your hours-long gaming grinds, but when they’re over do you find your back and legs make you feel like you’re 100 years old? It’s not you, friend. It’s your chair.

You’re probably aware of this already, of course, and you’re about to remind us that a really good gaming chair can be really expensive, and you’ve sunk most of your gaming budget into your rig or console. We feel you, but trust us when we tell you two things: A good gaming chair makes a ton of difference in your gaming experience, and budget gaming chairs do exist and they’re worth every penny.

Obviously the price tag is first, but what else should you look for when you’re shopping for a good budget gaming chair?

Bells and whistles: It seems counterintuitive but you probably should look for a budget gaming chair that doesn’t come with tons of extras. The high-end chairs often come with perks like speakers, built-in lumbar massagers, and even fans. But if a budget chair is promising the world in extras, they’re likely of inferior quality and will end up breaking sooner than later. Stick with the basics, like…

Material: If you can score genuine leather in a budget chair, by all means do it. Don’t be put off by “PU leather” in a listing – that’s polyurethane leather and it can be as durable as the real thing. Mesh is breathable; avoid plastic when possible. For the cushion, thicker memory-type foam is best.

Weight limit: Yes, chairs have weight limits. Be sure to check you don’t exceed it.

Warranty: Even budget gaming chairs often come with warranties. Look for one of those and be sure to fill it out and submit it, just in case.

It’s time for your back and your bum to stop suffering. Check out these best budget gaming chairs and bring them some much-needed relief.

Bossin Gaming Chair (20% Off)

Courtesy of Amazon

We were honestly surprised to find the Bossin Gaming Chair in the budget category because it plays above its regular $150 price point, and way above its current Amazon sale price of $119.90. It’s hard to find a budget gaming chair with quality perks like a built-in extendable footrest, thickly padded armrests, and removable neck and lumbar support pillows.

What we loved most about the Bossin is the deep reclining ability, and also the 400-pound weight limit which speaks to its sturdy construction. The gas-lift base makes height adjustment a cinch. It comes in six accent-color modes, and you could honestly get away with the more muted light gray one as your office chair if it were not for the embroidered Bossin logo at the headrest. But as budget gaming chairs go, this one takes the prize.

BUY NOW: $149.98  $109.99 Buy It

GTPlayer Gaming Chair

Courtesy of Amazon

The GTPlayer did not become Amazon’s best-selling gaming chair by luck. There is a lot of quality appeal here, even beyond the $100 price tag for the white-accented model. (The other seven color schemes range from $129.90 to $149.90, all still excellent budget finds).

Like the Bossin, the GTPlayer comes with a retractable footrest, impressive 135-degree recline ability, and removable neck and lumbar support pillows. The GTPlayer’s lumbar pillow kicks it up a notch though, as it’s a USB-rechargeable massage pillow. At this price point we might normally balk at a gimmick like this, but since the pillow is removable, even if it does go on the fritz, you still have a high-quality budget gaming chair that will long outlive it.

BUY NOW: $109.99 Buy It

X Rocker Falcon Pedestal PC Office Gaming Chair (41% Off)

Courtesy of Amazon

Look Ma, no wheels! A pedestal chair like the X Rocker Falcon has several advantages, not the least of which are fewer moving parts to eventually wear down. If your gaming lair has hardwood floors, you’ll really appreciate not involuntarily rolling around when you forget to lock down your wheels.

The X Rocker Falcon also has two built-in speakers and a 4-inch subwoofer for immersive gaming sound. The sound system can connect via Bluetooth or hardwire, and has a headphone jack. Add in the padded armrests, foldability for easier storage, and the fact that it’s currently 41% off on Amazon, and you have a great budget gaming chair.

BUY NOW: $229.99  $129.87 Buy It

The Crew Furniture Classic Video Rocker Gaming Chair

Courtesy of Walmart

Consider this one a starter gaming chair for the kids. The Crew Furniture Classic Video Rocker Gaming Chair is literally a floor model – no wheels, no base, nothing but a cool and comfy curved chair that sits on the floor and lets kids enjoy the lean-back gaming experience.

No wheeled base means easier storage when not in use and easier moving about the house when you decide the gaming console needs to relocate. Beneath the PU leather and 3D spacer mesh racing stripes which come in four cool colors is a sturdy frame made of sustainable forestry engineered wood. Kids love the ergonomically pleasing shape and the ability to rock back low to the floor as they game.

BUY NOW: $54.99  $39.98 Buy It

Furmax Leather Gaming Chair (16% Off)

Courtesy of Amazon

There are three things in particular we love about the Furmax Leather Gaming Chair. First and foremost, the price – currently on sale for $69.99 on Amazon. Secondly, the PU leather body and the mesh seat, which give it a combination of durability and breathability. (Without getting into detail, do not underestimate the value of a breathable mesh seat during long gaming sessions.)

Thirdly? This comfortable chair can very easily double as a Zoom-worthy office chair. No big gamer logos or branding, no race car cockpit reproduction attempts —  just a modern yet classic looking chair that is as much at home in front of a video conference call as it is in front of a gaming console or PC. Let the “it’s my turn with the chair” battle commence.

BUY NOW: $82.99  $47.99 Buy It

Respawn 110 Racing Style Gaming Chair

Courtesy of Amazon

Here’s the budget-friendly splurge chair courtesy of Respawn. If you’re thinking $200 is on the outer limits of the “budget” category, consider first just how many no-nonsense perks come with the Respawn 110: 155-degree reclining control, an extendable footrest, padded armrests, and a solid 275-pound weight capacity.

Need another endorsement that the Respawn 110 is a truly great budget gaming chair? Respawn is the official chair partner of FaZe Clan, one of the world’s most prominent and influential gaming organizations.

BUY NOW: $199.99  $164.98 Buy It