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Anyone who’s watched any of the hundreds of skincare routines that float on Youtube know that everyone with good skin is applying eye cream.

The magical cream is known to de-puff, brighten and anti-age all at once, but what exactly do these words mean and how fast can we expect to see these results? One of the biggest misconceptions surrounding under-eye creams is that they can instantly erase dark circles overnight, says Los Angeles-based dermatologist Dr. David Rayhan. Rather, the main benefit of eye creams is boosting collagen, which can, over time, help with dark circles. “As we age we lose soft tissue volume under our eyes, like a deflating balloon,” he explains. “Maintaining skin quality and increasing collagen helps prevent signs of aging around the eyes.”

But in a sea of endless brands claiming they’re the next big thing — and misleading labels to boot — it can be hard to find offerings that achieve tangible results. Here, four pros weigh in on their favorites to banish everything from dark circles to wrinkles.

Senté Illuminé Eye Cream (20% Off)

Courtesy of Senté

Dr. Nancy Samolitis, co-founder of L.A.’s Facile Dermatology Boutique, a go-to for everyone from Mandy Moore to Rocky Barnes, recommends this product. “It contains the skin-barrier-supporting ingredient heparin sulfate, as well as anti-inflammatory niacinamide. These improve skin over time, but the cream also has light-reflective particles that give you an immediate brightening effect.”

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Dermalogica Total Eye Care

Courtesy of Amazon

When she’s having a makeup-free day, Hollywood-based esthetician Priscilla Alkais, whose clients have included Whitney Port and Davina Potratz, opts for Dermalogica’s Total Eye Care. “The optical light diffusers distract from those dark circles, and I love having SPF coverage around my eyes,” she says.

Dermalogica Total Eye Care

SkinMedia TNS Essential Serum

Courtesy of SkinMedica

“TNS Essential serum contains a growth factor, which turns on fibroblasts, the cells which produce collagen,” says Dr. David Rayhan. “It also contains an antioxidant, which can prevent darkening of the skin through oxidation, the same process that makes an apple turn brown after you cut it.”

BUY NOW: $281

Lotus Moon Hydro-Therapy Roll-On Serum

Courtesy of Lotus Moon

“When my clients don’t like something heavy around the eyes, I always recommend Lotus Moon’s Roll-On Eye Serum,” says Adina Diaz, esthetician and owner of Natural Feeling Spa, a bicoastal storefront dedicated to clean beauty. “The gentle massaging action deposits caffeine, potent antioxidants and soothing botanicals and helps reduce under-eye congestion,” she says.

Lotus Moon Hydro-Therapy Roll-On Serum $38.00