Best Father’s Day Gifts and Items That’ll Entertain Dad

Pop Culture Father's Day Gifts
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Every pop-culture dad has their “thing.” Maybe it’s coming up with his own long-winded theories about who the killer is while watching every mystery thriller ever; or telling you about that one time he saw that one band a million years ago, a million times; maybe it’s his nightly routine of yelling “Sashay Away!” across the living room.

Whatever the case, aficionados can be easy to shop for because they aren’t quiet about their obsessions, but they can also be tricky because of their discerning nature. Whether your dad is a shameless “British Bake-Off” stan or a merch-happy DC fan, we’ve got you covered with every type of pop-culture item that will make your dad smile this Father’s Day.

Classic Rock Dad

Deja Vu – 50th Anniversary Box Set 

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This brand new box set contains heaps of mostly unreleased demos and outtakes and a lengthy historical essay penned by Cameron Crowe. However, Variety critic Chris William revealed his reason for purchasing this special collection was the demo version of “Our House” by Graham Nash and Joni Mitchell.

Deja Vu - 50th Anniversary (Deluxe Edition) $84.17 Buy It

The Collected Works of Jim Morrison

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A collection of Jim Morrison’s writings, poetry and photographs collected from over 28 privately held notebooks. This brand new anthology not only includes never-before-seen images and notes, it’s also peppered with scans from the actual pages from his diaries showcasing how the lead singer of “The Doors” penned lyrics and thoughts. The (almost) 600-page book was just released in June of 2021.

The Collected Works of Jim Morrison $39.99 Buy It


For the ‘British Bake-Off’ Dad

‘The British Baking Book’

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If your dad is still obsessed with getting his sourdough starter just right, then this is the book for you. There is no showstopper challenge your pop won’t topple with this amazing book by Regula Ysewijn. Renowned for her historical baking work, there is no pudding you won’t be able to handle with this well-reviewed cook book. But if you’re looking for something directly from the series, there’s the show’s book itself “Great British Bake-Off’s Big Book of Baking”  or Mary Berry’s “Baking Bible,” both good for the junior baker. And if all else fails, try out a star baker apron!

The British Baking Book: The History of British Baking, Savory and Sweet $35 Buy It

Le Creuset Baker

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Nothing shows someone you care more than gifting them a Le Creuset baker. With enamel stoneware and handles designed for comfort, this baker makes marinating meats and vegetables, baking desserts, oven-roasting meats or broiling fish easier than ever.

BUY NOW: $109.95  $84.96 Buy It


For the Dad Who Called the Ending to ‘Mare of Easttown’

‘Long Bright River’

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An absolutely perfect follow to the HBO series “Mare of Easttown,” Liz Moore’s “Long Bright River” asks: how much do you owe to your family members? That’s one of the questions that faces Philadelphia cop Mickey, who tries to watch out for her opioid-addicted sister Kacey on the street while working her dangerous job and raising a child as a single mom. When Mickey doesn’t see Kacey around one day, she ends up embroiled in a string of murders as she hunts down her estranged sister in a tense and emotional thriller. The New York Times bestseller was also earned a coveted spot on former President Obama’s favorite book list.

'Long Bright River' $13.58 Buy It

Unsolved Case Files Game

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Fans of “Cold Case Files” will get a kick out of this game, in which players become investigators tasked with figuring out the killer of grisly murders using information from the original, action-packed case file. The trail has long gone cold and it will be your dad’s job to crack the case and discover who really killed Jamie Banks on November 20, 1992? The case can be worked alone, or in a group, depending on what type of detective your dad fancies himself as. With over 3,617 reviews on Amazon (and the majority of them positive) this seems like a clear winner for the burgeoning gumshoe in your family.

Unsolved Case Files Game $29.99  $26.97 Buy It

For the Dad James Bond Dad

James Bond Sock Collection

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A collection of James Bond socks are sure to spice up any dad’s feet. Each pair highlights a past character or iconic Bond moment there’s martini’s, the famous red “Thunderball” wetsuit and more. There’s six pairs per collection made by the London Sock Exchange, and fit all sizes from 7 to 13.

James Bond Sock Collection $85 Buy It

The GCHQ Puzzle Book

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If the sock set isn’t enough to put him into character, gift him this head-scratching puzzle book, in which UK intelligence and security experts curate puzzles, tests and real-life entrance tests from their archives that will be sure to test your dad’s knowledge (and confidence). For even more James Bond inspired gifts, check out our guide here.

GCHQ Puzzle Book $25.95  $18.64 Buy It


For the ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’-Binging Dads

Baga Chipz Cameo

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No one will give a more fun father’s day than “RuPaul’s Drag Race” and “Celebrity Circle” star Baga Chipz. Gift your dad a Cameo video for the special day so she can record him a special, hilarious message that will be sure to leave him “shooketh!” But Cameo also has thousands of other celebrities to choose from, too. Check out our guide to see who else he might appreciate a shout-out from.

BUY NOW: $125 Buy It

RuPaul MasterClass

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If your dad takes his drag race watching more seriously, though, he might appreciate a MasterClass from the one and only RuPaul himself. In his 16-part lesson plan, the Emmy-winning host and TV personality teaches self-expression and authenticity. Check out our other favorite MasterClass’s here.

BUY NOW: $15/month Buy It

Reading is Fundamental T-Shirt

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This classic black-tee references the show’s infamous Reading Challenge, in which the queens have to “read” each other and throw shade. If your dad loves a good book, or can’t turn away from some juicy drama, then they’ll want to rock this shirt.

Reading is Fundamental T-Shirt $18.99 Buy It


For the Geek Chic Dad

‘Minimal Film’

Hollywood blockbusters and cult classic all deconstructed into minimal representations of their cinematic impact. This art book, designed by Matteo Civaschi hits all the comic-con essentials. From “Star Wars” to “Dracula” to “Jurassic Park” and on each page is a thoughtful distillation of a (usually) pretty high concept film. For more movie-centric books check out our massive collection of great coffee table reads. 

Minimal Film: The Cinematic World Reimagined through Graphic Design $25.47 Buy It

‘Batman’ Smartwatch Band


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Let your dad channel his inner caped crusader with this sleek Apple Watch band that features Batman’s iconic yellow symbol. Made with sweat and UV-resistant silicone, the band is durable and smooth for lasting comfort.

BUY NOW: $39.90 Buy It


For the Classic Hollywood Dad 

Saul Bass: A Life in Film and Design

If your dad is a fan of classic films, he’s definitely a fan Saul Bass’ work. This Hollywood designer is famous for creating some of the most iconic title sequences (including the titles to the 1961 West Side Story” and the first ever “Oceans 11” look) and movie posters (“Vertigo,” “The Shining,” “Anatomy of a Murder“). This hefty tome, perfect for the coffee table, traces the artist’s history and includes gobs of unpublished works including ads he made for trades that never saw the light of day. It’s a must-have for any movie buff.

Saul Bass: A Life in Film and Design $53.82 Buy It

For the Dad Who Loves Horror Movies

Overlook Hotel Notepads

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If your pop can number off the screams in his favorite horror films, then these whimsical hotel notebooks are perfect. Created by Herb Lester Associates, this pack of fictional movie motels and hotel paper pads include iconic sets from “Twin Peaks,” “The Shining” and “Dirty Dancing,” (which isn’t a horror film, but is still a classic). Looking for more horror gift ideas, check out our full guide.

Overlook Hotel Notepad $12.95 Buy It

‘Psycho’ Shower Scene Bookends

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Does your dad know Alfred Hitchcock use Hershey chocolate syrup in that infamous shower scene in “Psycho?” Then these referential bookends are for him. The custom two-piece set are made from steel and are heavy enough to hold up a heavy collection of books.

BUY NOW: $69  $54.49 Buy It