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Whether you mom has always wanted to be coached on life by NBA star Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, serenaded by Kenny G or be on the receiving end of Michael Rapaport‘s comical New York attitude, there’s sure to be a perfect cameo for you to gift her this Mother’s Day.

The video-sharing website, which allows celebrities to send personalized messages to fans, has more than 30,000 celebrities on their platform, ranging from “Real Housewives” stars like Sonja Morgan to “Star Wars” legends like Billy Dee Williams. And the best part is that after you pick the celebrity you know will excite your mom the most, you can basically tell them to say or do anything you want, whether it’s poking fun at an inside joke, teasing them from a place of love or keeping it traditional with a simple personalized message.

Here are some of the best Cameos to give your mom this year. But if you can’t find the perfect one, there are thousands more on the site for you to sift through.

Sonja Morgan

Courtesy of Cameo

“Real Housewives of New York” fans will be in for a treat with a special cameo by Sonja, one of the most famous and longest-running characters on the Bravo reality series. Whether she’s wishing you a happy holidays over a glass of wine or sending over a personalized message for a special event, she’s sure to deliver her signature wit and huge personality.

BUY NOW: $99

Brian Cox

Courtesy of Cameo

Nobody delivers cutting one-liners  and scathing insults like “Succession’s” Logan Roy. If someone you know has always dreamed of being at the receiving end of one Coxs bellowing “F**** offs” and “Goddamits!”, then this Cameo is for them — just in time for Season 3 of the Emmy-winning  HBO show.

BUY NOW: $415

Dionne Warwick

Courtesy of Cameo

Grammy-winning artist Dionne Warwick, known more recently for her hilarious presence on Twitter, is a thoughtful gift for anyone in your life who grew up listening to her legendary pop music. From custom-written messages to personalized songs for an additional price, Warwick will be sure to make any fan’s day even more special.

BUY NOW: $350

Lala Kent

Courtesy of Cameo

Just days after it was announced that Kent broke up with Randall Emmett, the “Vanderpump Rules” star took to social media to share that she joined Cameo. “I joined the hype,” she wrote on an Instagram post. Now, you can gift the joy of “So much Lala” with personalized messages from the reality star.

BUY NOW: $250

Anthony Anderson

Courtesy of Cameo

“Black-ish” may be ending after Season 8 but one of the best patriarch’s on TV can still be immortalized in the form of a loving Cameo. Whether your partner knows Anthony Anderson as Dre or loves him for his roles on other shows such as “Law and Order” or “The Bernie Mac Show,” there’s no question that the beloved TV star will come up with the perfect one-liner for the special day.

BUY NOW: $150

Vincent Curatola

Courtesy of Cameo

A personalized message from one of the most iconic mafia men on TV is a dream come true for any “Sopranos” fan. Although he dies an untimely death as Johnny Sack on the HBO show, Vincent Curatola is still here to deliver a very Italian message — with all the swagger you’d expect.

BUY NOW: $125

Antoine Winfield Jr.

Courtesy of Cameo

With the NFL Playoffs in full swing, it’s only fitting to gift a Cameo from NFL champ Antoine Winfield Jr., especially if your partner is rooting for the defending champions from Tampa Bay this year.

BUY NOW: $500

Efren Ramirez

Courtesy of Cameo

Vote for Pedro! Efren Ramirez is arguably the best part of “Napoleon Dynamite,” and a personalized message from the hilarious actor will crack up any big-time fans of the cult-classic.

BUY NOW: $140

Leslie David Baker

Courtesy of Cameo.

If your loved one doesn’t put up with anyone’s B.S. then they might appreciate a visit from Scranton’s very own paper salesman, Stanley Hudson, who has the best RBF in sitcom history. Or, if they still crack up when Kevin spills the bean in Season 5, then you might want to go for a personalized message from the man himself, Brian Baumgartner. But you can also opt for a virtual visit from other Dunder Mifflin employees like Oscar or even Michael’s tumultuous love interest Jan.

BUY NOW: $349

Carole Baskin

Courtesy of Cameo

Love her, hate her, convinced she murdered her husband….a Cameo from “Tiger King” star Carole Baskin is sure to not disappoint. Plus, her heartfelt messages (in which she’s, of course, clad in her signature flower clown and floral prints) will help support her on the mission to save big cats.

BUY NOW: $249

Ben Higgens

Courtesy of Cameo

For those proudly a part of Bachelor Nation, a personalized message from ABC royalty Ben Higgens is an unbeatable gift.  The reality star is beloved for his personable personality and cheery attitude, which he’s sure to bring to his custom video message.

BUY NOW: $100

Mario Cantone

Courtesy of Came

“Sex and the City” fans are gifted with more screen time from Anthony Merentino in the new reboot, so if you know someone who fancies themselves a Carrie, then you might need Mario Cantone to deliver a sassy message for some much-needed humbling. The actor, also known for his roles on “The Chapelle Show,” will no doubt bring his beloved brazenness to the screen for this Cameo gift.

BUY NOW: $200

Jim O’ Heir

Courtesy of Cameo

Most people know O’Heir as the clueless and good-natured Jerry on “Parks and Recreation.” From his signature “Lil Sebastion” one-liners to the famous Gergich breakfast song, he’ll cater to the biggest “Parks and Rec” fans who miss his energy from the NBC show’s seven-season run.

BUY NOW: $175


Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Courtesy of Cameo.

Calling all Bucks and Lakers fans! Any old-time NBA fan will remember the days when Jabbar terrorized the courts during his 20 years as an NBA star player, sometimes even clad in his signature goggles that he wore for protection.

BUY NOW: $500

Kenny G

Courtesy of Cameo

There’s no better Valentine’s Day gift than a personal serenade from Mr. Kenny G himself. Cameo makes it possible to deliver the Grammy-winner’s distinct smooth jazz tunes to your loved one wherever they are.

BUY NOW: $333

Ice T

Courtesy of Cameo

Wether you’re familiar with Ice T from his rapping days throughout the 1980s and ’90s or from his beloved Fin character on “Law and Order,” someone in your life is sure to appreciate a sentimental message from the multi-hyphenate star.

BUY NOW: $450

Billy Dee Williams

Courtesy of Cameo

Surprise the “Star Wars” fan in your life with the Lando Calrissian actor, who played the franchise’s iconic role in the 1980s, in addition to reprising the role 40 years later in 2019’s “The Rise of Skywalker.” If you really want to splurge, couple it with some “Star Wars” merch that we rounded up here.

BUY NOW: $300

Michael Rapaport

Courtesy of Cameo

Rapaport is sure to bring his distinct New York inflection to his message, which inherently makes everything he says extra funny, and also aggressive.

BUY NOW: $199


Courtesy of Cameo

Yes, the wrestling icon keeps his face paint on his for Cameo messages. If someone in your life is a fan of professional wrestling, then a personalized video from the 26-time champion is sure to shock them to their core — and will be far less scary than an in-person meeting with the “Hulk”-like figure.

BUY NOW: $500

Debra Jo Rupp

Courtesy of Cameo

Everyone’s favorite TV mom, Kitty Forman! A personalized message from the  “That ’70s Show” actress is extra exciting for Marvel fans, given her more recent role in Disney Plus’s “WandaVision.” If someone in your life is a true Marvel geek, though, you might be even better off getting him some one-of-a-kind Marvel merch this holiday season.

BUY NOW: $399

Jim Brown

Courtesy of Cameo

NFL Hall of Famer Jim Brown is the epitome of a father figure, so a sentimental message, which might include some wise tough love from the football legend himself, could be a one-of-a-kind gift for a your own father figure this year.

BUY NOW: $599

Fortune Feimster

Courtesy of Cameo

Whether you’re is familiar with the Netflix comedian or not, anyone is sure to laugh out loud to anything Feimster has to say given her jubilant and raunchy humor. It’s hard to find anyone that doesn’t take an immediate liking to the “Mindy Star” actress and standup comedian who gets candid and intimate with every personalized video she sends out.

BUY NOW: $95