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We live in a glorious time in which it’s completely normal to fall asleep to the sound of your favorite Hollywood star reading you a story.

More and more bold-faced names have joined Audible in recent months to orate their best-selling books, and it’s made us all realize that some books are simply meant to be listened to versus read on the page. David Sedaris’ jokes are even funnier alongside the humorist’s genius comedic timing in his bestselling collection of essays “Me Talk Pretty One Day,” for example, and it feels unlawful to listen to Matthew McConaughey’s pithy wisdom and life experiences, which he recounts in his memoir “Greenlights,” in any other voice than the actor’s distinct southern drawl.

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Here, we rounded up 10 books on tape you should listen to this month. But if you prefer your books with a spine, worry not: check out these best-selling celebrity memoirs and celebrity-written graphic novels instead.

”The Sandman: Act II’ by Neil Gaiman

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Based off the best-selling DC Comic graphic novels by Neil Gaiman, this Audible Original stars James McAvoy as Morpheus the Dream Lord as he journeys through a dark, nightmarish world populated by iconic DC characters. The ensemble cast for the audio reading is top notch, featuring bod-faced names such as  Regé Jean-Page as Orpheus, Emma Corrin as Thessaly, Brian Cox as Augustus and Kat Dennings.

The Sandman: Act II by Neil Gaiman

‘Greenlights’ by Matthew McConaughey

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At 50 years old, the Academy Award-winning actor took to the desert to write this memoir based on the lessons, advice and wisdom he’s recounted through years of journaling. The main thesis of the unconventional book (and his general approach to living) is something he calls “catching greenlights”: enjoying life’s successes while having the faith that the yellows and reds will turn green at some point, too. McConaughey narrates the intimate audiobook, leading listeners through his own successes, failures, realizations, lessons and vivid memories from his life.

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‘Me: Elton John Official Autobiography’

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In the first-ever autobiography of Elton John, the music icon narrates his remarkable life, from a young shy boy (born Reginald Kenneth Dwight) in a small London suburb, to the legendary artist who ended up changing the music world forever with his songs. Aside from his rise to success and extravagant lifestyle, all things shown in the bio-pic “Rocketman,” John also recounts his experience with the AIDs crisis and writes candidly about getting clean from addiction.

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‘Yearbook’ by Seth Rogan

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Everyone’s favorite comedian and producer puts together a hilarious collection of personal essays in his first book, in which he writes about his foray into comedy as a teenager, his Jewish upbringing and some wild Hollywood stories through the lens of a far-from-typical A-lister.  You won’t want to miss the audiobook version, which features a star-studded cast with cameos by Rogen’s mom and dad, Nick Kroll, Jay Pharoah, Jason Segel, Dan Aykroyd, Ike Barinholtz, Simon Helberg, Tommy Chong, Billy Idol and many more.

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‘Heads Will Roll’ by Kate McKinnon and Emily Lynne

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Less of a book and more of an audio comedy, Audible Original’s “Heads Will Roll” is a 10-episode series created by “Saturday Night Live” star Kate McKinnon and co-creator/star (and sister!) Emily Lynne. The story follows Queen Mortuana of the Night Realm (McKinnon) and her ditsy sister JoJo (Lynne) who work together to hilariously put down an impending peasant rebellion that threatens their throne. The star-studded satire features performances by Meryl Streep, Tim Gunn, Peter Dinklage and “Queer Eye”‘s Fab Five.

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‘Catch and Kill: Lies, Spies, and a Conspiracy to Protect Predators’ by Ronan Farrow

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Pulitzer Prize winner Ronan Farrow exposes a Russian doll of explosive stories in this real-life account of how he broke the Harvey Weinstein story for “The New Yorker” in 2017. In this tell-all book, which he narrates himself for the audio version, he recounts the shadowy operatives and war-hardened spies that surveilled him for months as he bravely uncovered the truth about one of Hollywood’s most powerful producers. He also writes about the process of getting Weinstein’s victims to tell their stories, which ended up sparking an explosive reckoning within Hollywood, and an entire movement around the world. If you’re really interested in the subject, you can couple it with Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey’s audiobook “She Said,” in which they explain how they investigated the same story for “The New York Times.” 

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‘Angels in America: A Gay Fantasia on National Themes’ by Tony Kushner

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The audio version of the Pulitzer Prize-winning play, which stars the cast of the 2018 Broadway revival, explores the themes of identity, justice, community and redemption as New Yorkers grapple with the devastating AIDS crisis throughout the 1980s. Andrew Garfield and Nathan Lane, in addition to the rest of cast, recreate their acclaimed performances for the immersive theatrical experience.

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‘Somebody’s Daughter’ by Ashley Ford

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With words written in “The Guardian,” “ELLE,” “Buzzfeed,” “The Cut” and “The New York Times,” Ashley Ford is considered a powerful voice of her generation. Her debut memoir, which is already a best-seller after coming out June 1,  explores growing up in poverty, all while dealing with a fraught relationship with her mom and an incarcerated father.


‘Is This Anything?’ by Jerry Seinfeld

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In his first book in 25 years, the legendary comedian tracks his success from his performances as a shy 21 year-old college student to selling out the Madison Square Garden today — all through the best bits he’s saved over his iconic career. Half stand-up comedy, half memoir, “Is This Anything” gives valuable insight into one of the best comedians of our generation, narrated with Seinfeld’s distinct, shrill (and hilarious) intonation. If you’re a comedy lover, you can also check out Tina Fey’s “Bossy Pants” and Amy Poehler’s “Yes Please.”

'Is This Anything?' by Jerry Seinfeld

‘Me Talk Pretty One Day’ by David Sedaris

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Sedaris’s distinct and lovable high-pitched voice carries readers through hilarious and whacky stories from his eccentric upbringing. From course-correcting his lisp through speech therapy lessons in elementary school, to moving to Paris with no grasp on the French language, to a short-lived stint as a writing teacher that he was woefully under qualified for, Sedaris has no shortage of real-life stories that double as comedy bits. In fact, more of his entertaining short essays can be found in his other popular books “Calypso,” “Naked” and “Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim.”

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