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American Girl Dolls has immortalized what was once their most loyal fanbase. Meet Nicki and Isabel the ’90s twins. Yes, the company that made a name for itself creating historically accurate dolls from the past, like Molly and her personalized 1940s handkerchief or Samantha and her porcelain doll from the 1900s, will now have Nicki and Isabel and their red pizza hut cup.

No shade to that cup, it’s a staple of many American Girl Doll owner’s childhood, as was the personal pizza and the BOOK IT membership, which are all available for purchase.

So who are these twins? According to the site, they hail from Seattle (which is … chef’s kiss location choice) and Isabel, “loves dancing, pop music, glitter, and all things pink. She prefers pink and preppy fashions, even when they make her stand out from the crowd, and she keeps her favorite accessories close at hand.” While Nicki, “loves alternative rock music, skateboarding, and making zines, which are like homemade magazines.” We’d very much like to point out that the historically dated fun hobby of choice is, “making zines.” Just one of the many nostalgic gut punches this company is willing to unleash on their once beloved purchasing demographic.

Yes, they have inflatable chairs, burned CD mixes and copious ’90s items like a big-ol desk computer with a wireless phone and and lots and lots of alien items (Nicki needs an “I Want To Believe” poster immediately).

So only one question remains, are you an Isabel…

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or are you a Nicki?

Courtesy of American Girl

Nicki Full Collection $250 Buy Now