Time is a flat circle. The modern age has gifted us with the miraculous technology to voice-command our wireless speakers to play our favorite songs over Bluetooth, but playing classic vinyl on a retro turntable is still more popular than ever. Vinyl sales surged 29% in 2020, but despite their ever-growing popularity, it can be hard to find copies of classic albums without spending hours sifting through an abandoned record store.

Enter: Amazon Vinyl of the Month Club, a brand new subscription service from the online retail behemouth that makes it easier than ever to track down choice albums. The program, which Amazon quietly rolled out over the last few months, costs $24.99 a month. Subscribers will receive one hand-picked record from the Golden Era of Vinyl each month, selected by the Amazon Music team. Amazon cites artists of the 1960s and ’70s such as Pink Floyd, Aretha Franklin, Abba, Fleetwood Mac, Led Zeppelin and Miles Davis as examples of the types of music subscribers can expect. The best part of the subscription service is its flexibility: you can skip a month or cancel at any time, and if you don’t like a record you receive, you can return it for a full refund. Plus, Amazon covers the price of shipping for all deliveries.

Unlike the retailer’s other services such as Amazon Music, Kindle and Audible, Vinyl of the Month costs the same for both Prime and non-Prime members. Overall, the subscription service seems like the perfect gift for any music lover into classic rock, R&B, pop and jazz looking to add to their record collection.

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