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The new year is upon us and it’s time to make big plans for your 12 months of success. In order to make sure that you’re ready for whatever comes your way, the Variety staff has compiled their collection of Amazon products that have changed their life. From wine chillers and magnetic shelves to moth traps (it’s never too late to protect yourself from moths!) these are the simple Amazon life hacks that made our lives infinitely better.

Magnetic Shelves

Courtesy of Amazon

Need more shelving space but living in a tiny house/kitchen/van? Create your own little shelving system with these exceedingly sturdy, magnetic shelves that can easily attach to the front or side of your fridge. Perfect for fleshing out that coffee bar area.

Magnetic Shelves $15 Buy Now

Baggu Travel Tote

The Baggu brand is a staple around this office. Not only is this exceedingly lightweight tote cute, it also packs up into itself, making it a breeze to carry a bag within a bag (and perfect for groceries, traveling and the beach). Also this tote has a zipper top, keeping your valuables protected and private. It’s available in several different colors including this stunning green.

Baggu Checked Bag $56 Buy Now

VoChill Wine Glass Chiller

Courtesy of Amazon

Stop putting crap in your wine glasses. It has always been oddly cumbersome to chill the contents of your wine glass, but not anymore. Toss the metal contraptions that would crack your glasses and buy a VoChill. This contraption cools your glass by gently cradling it in a cold vessel. This not only chills your wine but it keeps your beverage cold while you’re drinking. And it’s an absolute delight to hold. Available in classic or stemless.

Wine Glass Cooler $44.95 Buy Now

Glow In the Dark Apple Remote

Courtesy of Amazon

Stop losing this tiny, tiny thing by wrapping it in a protective case that glows in the dark. The drawback to Apple TV is constantly losing the sleek little remote, especially if you have children or animals that like to run off with it. Well, fret no more because this little case lights up so it’s easy to find when wedged in the couch.

Apple Remote Protector $10.99 Buy Now

Travel Pill Organizer

Courtesy of Amazon

Seems like there was some terrible rule that all pill cases had to be hideous and gigantic. Not anymore! Forgo stuffing your suitcase with bottles of space-wasting pills and take only what you need in this stylish, foldable little beauty. Available in all sorts of colors, we quite like this neutral little ditty. Smaller (but still cute) pill cases here if this is too large.

Large Pill Case $12.99 Buy Now

Snap N Strain Pot Strainer 

Courtesy of Amazon

No need to dirty a whole new colander, simply snap on this little device and you can strain anything you want. Made of silicone (so it won’t melt) the strainer can expand and contract to fit any pot or pan.

Snap-On Strainer $24.49 Buy Now

Sponge Spa Headband 

Courtesy of Amazon

Just because you’re washing your face and brushing your teeth, that doesn’t mean you can’t feel fabulous. Bring a little pizzaz to your skin routine with this cute sponge spa headband and realize the more joy you get from your daily activities, the more likely you are to actually execute them every day. Plus, this makes a sensational gift.

Sponge Headband $7.99 Buy Now

Cutting Board Stove Cover

Courtesy of Amazon
Courtesy of Amazon

Additional tiny kitchen help! Extend your counter space with this foldable, bamboo cutting board. It has risers so it can perch above your stove (just please turn it off first) and provide ample cutting space for your top chef. Check out more “Top Chef”-inspired products here.

Stove Cutting Board $104 Buy Now

Vegetable Chopper

Courtesy of Amazon
Courtesy of Amazon

TikTok made us buy it. Kick off your meal planning and make-your-own salad ambitions with this impressive chopping beauty. With four different chopping settings, this little baby will keep your cutting boards clean and spare your fingers from cuts and scrapes. Just place and push, and presto: perfectly sliced vegetables.

Vegetable Chopper $34.99 Buy Now

Monopoly Card Game

Courtesy of Amazon

Need to kill time with family? This card game is the ultimate time waster, plus, it’s actually super fun. Imagine all the excitement of the classic Monopoly board game (stealing properties, charging exorbitant rents, going near-bankrupt only to pull out and win the game) distilled into a 15 to 30 minute game. Once you figure out the rules (usually takes one to two plays) it’s easy and people get crazy competitive. It’s the perfect family game that can fill hours of time and entertain everyone. This game is a mandatory, must have on all family vacations.

Monopoly Card Game $7.99 Buy Now

Pillow Slides

Courtesy of Amazon

Stop stomping around your home and start gliding about like your feet are atop pillows. These fetching “pillow slides” were made popular by the cast of “Love Island” and every kid at home from school break. Available in all sorts of colors (but the muted tones dominate most toes these days). You can find them textured (above), sleek or with cute little smiley faces.

Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner

Courtesy of Amazon

Stop wearing dirty jewelry, it’s the year of keeping yourself and your valuables clean. Take the guesswork out of polish and wipes and just place you beauties in this little canister and, viola: clean baubles for days. Plus at $23 bucks (and with a very little counter space thumbprint) this purchase is basically you being both responsible and more organized.

Jewelry Cleaner $23.99 Buy Now

Laptop Cooling Pad 

Courtesy of Amazon

Variety editors cite this purchase as life altering. Keep your computer from overheating and keep the annoying internal fan off with this cooling pad. It’s lightweight (1.5 pounds), height adjustable and is exceedingly quiet. And with over 30,000 Amazon reviews, it is clearly the answer for hot computers. 

Computer Cooler $27.00 Buy Now

Wall Mount Grocery Bag Dispenser

Courtesy of Amazon

Not a particularly exciting purchase, sure. But everyone who incorporates this dispenser into their lives, will not shut up about it. It’s a huge game changer for both reusing bags and keeping your shelves clutter-free. Also, this device uses adhesive to attach so you can stick it almost anywhere you need bags.

Simple Human Bag Dispenser $20 Buy Now

Sweater Comb

Courtesy of Amazon

Keep your clothes pill-free with a sweater comb that won’t eat your fabric (as many of the batter-operated options do). This is just a simple little brush that you scrap (gently) across your sweater darlings.

Cashmere Comb $14.75 Buy Now

Katchy Fruit Fly Cather

Courtesy of Amazon

Fruit flies are a menace and almost impossible to kill once present. However, this easy little fan attracts and captures the tiny little problems. Plug it in on your kitchen counter and realize you haven’t seen a fruit fly in ages.

Fruit Fly Trap $44.99  $34.00 Buy Now

Moth Traps

Courtesy of Amazon

“Our buddies got moths and it ruined their lives,” one editor revealed. Fight the moth invasion and prevent future infestations with these non-toxic traps. The paper traps hang easily in your closet and will pull out the infestation thanks to pheromones. The kit also comes with six cedar discs (which also helps repels moths) that can be placed atop your hangers.

Moth Traps $10.97 Buy Now

Telescoping Christmas Ornament Storage Box 

Courtesy of Amazon

A life-changing ornament organizer. Tired of the clutter of holiday decorations? Keep all your precious ornaments in one, highly organized box that is entirely adjustable to your pieces. Every box can telescope up or down so you can reach the shelf below it. Also the individual shelves can be adjusted to keep your pieces snuggly fit inside each bin. It’s a little pricey but it’s infinitely better than chasing after random Amazon boxes that are improperly labeled and stuff with tissue paper. 

Telescoping Christmas Ornament Box $299.99 Buy Now