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Alison Roman is not a typical celebrity, but in certain circles in New York and Los Angeles, she elicits the types of reactions usually reserved for A-listers. Her relatively niche but loyal following comes from her time as a food columnist and host of cooking videos at Bon Appétit and The New York Times, which she now supplements with a rapidly growing social media presence on Instagram and YouTube, a monthly newsletter and her first two cookbooks “Dining In” (2017) and “Nothing Fancy” (2019), which have sold a collective 450,000 copies.

Now, Roman is back with another cookbook, this time solely consisting of desserts, titled “Sweet Enough,” which has unsurprisingly already shot to the top of bestseller lists. While it won’t be released until March 28, it’s currently available for pre-order on Amazon.

“This book is not like my other books — this book is a dessert book, a baking book,” Roman wrote in her newsletter last month. “Or, more accurately, a dessert book that has savory recipes (there’s at least one anchovy appearance, and of course, dill was invited). Or, a baking book that has no-bake recipes (I love pudding and it never goes in the oven).”

While the sweet confections are a departure from some of her more viral dishes, like her chickpea stew and baked ziti, Ramon’s proclivity for deceivingly simple recipes is still at the center of her new book.

“I like to say that this is a dessert book for people who don’t do desserts — you know the type,” she writes. “The ones who say they don’t want any dessert but eat half the key lime pie when it shows up (me, I am describing me). The ‘I can roast a chicken but I can’t bake’ people, the ‘I just want one really solid recipe for a chocolate cake that doesn’t require any equipment or skill but otherwise might never bake anything else again’ people.”

Pre-order Alison Roman’s “Sweet Enough” below:

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