The Worst Films of 2021

Worst Films of 2021 Venom Music Benedetta
Venom: Courtesy of Sony Pictures; Music: Courtesy Image; Benedetta: Guy Ferrandis/SBS Productions

Sometimes a film critic’s job is to offer a nuanced assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of a given motion picture. And sometimes it’s simply to assure readers that accompanying the kids to, say, “Space Jam 2: A Legacy” won’t make those readers want to self-harm with stale concession-stand nachos. But there’s also the need that comes from suffering through a particularly boring/incompetent/offensive film: the need to bond with other survivors. And in such cases, critics can help put what you’ve endured in perspective. Still, when asking us to name the worst films of the year, there’s always a risk that doing so will boost interest in the films in question. Some can’t resist seeking out the movies that made even a seasoned professional’s blood boil. Call it the power of the dog. And don’t come crying to us if they bite.

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