Every Movie or TV Show Based on a Video Game in Development Right Now

The Last of Us
Courtesy of Naughty Dog

Although video game properties are privileged with some of the most loyal fanbases to be found across all media, it’s somewhat rare for one to translate into a commercial success, much less a critical one, when adapted to film or television. Even when they succeed, they may not closely resemble the video games they draw from. While the “Resident Evil” series has proven to be a durable success, its movies largely invent their own mythos separate from the source material. Other recent hits, like “Sonic the Hedgehog” and “Pokémon Detective Pikachu,” bring fantasy closer to reality by placing their anthropomorphic creatures side-by-side with human actors. With Hollywood now looking to tackle for character-driven narratives like “The Last of Us,” perhaps adaptations of video games will begin to stick more closely to their source material.

Here are the latest updates on every video game adaptation in development.