SPOILER ALERT: Do not read if you have not watched the finale and reunion of “The Ultimatum,” streaming now on Netflix.

When Netflix’s “The Ultimatum” began, six couples entered the show and none of them were in a good spot. In each couple, one individual had given an ultimatum — get married or split — while the other was unsure. So, they all broke up briefly and entered a “trial marriage” with another person in a similar spot. After three weeks, they moved back in with their original partner.

Two couples — Hunter and Alexis and Lauren and Nate — didn’t fully go through the experiment, with both men proposing before the trial marriages began. The remaining four couples, however, did.

Wednesday’s finale, “Ultimatum Day,” began with Randall getting very emotional and proposing to Shanique, telling her that she’s exactly what he wants in a wife. “I wanted you to be my wife since the day I laid eyes on you, I just didn’t know how to show it,” he said. “This experience has taught me that.”

Next, April stood by her ultimatum with Jake — if he didn’t want to get married, she would find someone else. He told her that while he loves and cares about her, he’s not at that point. He was sure to tell her, “Me and Rae are not running off together. We’re not doing that.”

He then met up with Rae, who had previously broken things off with Zay. Jake told her that she had “opened his eyes” and wanted to try a relationship. “You deserve the world. you deserve everything. Hopefully one day I can give that you. I’m gonna propose something to you,” he said, pulling out an envelope. “Two tickets, anywhere in the world. Me and you just living life.”

Then, it was decision time for Madelyn and Colby, who had spent a lot of their time leading up to the finale arguing. Colby, being the one who issued the ultimatum, went through with his planned proposal. “I’ve given you my heart and I want you to keep it forever,” he said before getting down on one knee. She immediately hugged and kissed him, saying yes. They then took it a step further, with him asking her to get married right then and there — so they did.

“Our lows were low. We hit rock bottom and it hurt. But being able to get back up and fight — not against each other but for each other — is what got us here,” she said after they said “I do.”

Following the finale, the reunion, which filmed in February, brought the cast back together to share where they stand now. Scroll through the list below for an update: