SPOILER ALERT: Do not read if you have not yet watched “Secession,” the Season 3 premiere of HBO’s “Succession.”

Is it a coincidence that the two years since HBO aired a new episode of “Succession” have been two of the worst years in recent memory? Well, probably. Still: it certainly didn’t help that the exquisite catharsis of the Roys — in all their bickering, calculating, jaw-dropping glory — was unavailable to us in our darkest hour. As of Oct. 17, though, “Succession” finally returned to unpack the aftermath of the metaphorical bomb Kendall (Jeremy Strong) dropped on his father Logan (Brian Cox) in the Season 2 finale. Picking up mere minutes after the press conference in which Kendall decides to turn the tables on his dad for good, laying the blame for decades of abuse and negligence at his feet, the Season 3 premiere of “Succession” doesn’t let anyone, let alone its audience, take a breath before diving right in.

Reeling from the shock of his foot soldier stabbing him in the back on national TV, Logan sets about furiously figuring out his next moves now that his reputation, and perhaps even legal standing, is in more jeopardy than ever. As Kendall declares moral victory for taking a stand against the traditional Waystar Royco way of doing business, Logan and the rest jet around Europe in a half-panic, avoiding cities where he could be extradited. No one, least of all Shiv (Sarah Snook) or Roman (Kieran Culkin), quite know what the hell to do with themselves.

Suffice it to say, this premiere (cheekily called “Secession”) sets up a complex web of shifting loyalties, misguided schemes, and intriguing possibilities yet to come. This third season should be an especially seismic one for the Roys — which is saying something, considering that the show’s already featured everything from bribery to blackmail to vehicular manslaughter. In order to sift through it all, Variety will be taking a weekly look at where everyone in “Succession” stands in a way that even the Roys can understand: in powerful rises, and falls from grace.

So without further ado, here’s the rundown of “Secession,” the Season 3 premiere of “Succession.”