Inspired by 1970s crime dramas, writer-director Julia Hart’s fourth feature “I’m Your Woman” follows Rachel Brosnahan’s Jean — a mob wife forced to go on the run with her baby after her husband disappears — transforming the stereotypically supporting character into the heroine. And, like the whole of Hart’s filmography, the film’s narrative is inspired and influenced by a host of women both on-camera and behind the scenes — from Brosnahan’s first crack at producing a feature film to Marsha Stephanie Blake’s scene-stealing turn as Teri (a mysterious woman charged with helping Jean learn how to survive the mean streets), plus Hart utilizing Aretha Franklin and Carole King’s iconic song to convey the film’s message about motherhood and hiring up-and-comer Aska Matsumiya to compose the film’s score. Read on to learn more about how women took center stage in all aspects of the film, now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.