Over 10 years ago, Netflix launched the streaming revolution, rethinking how we watch TV and movies and forcing the rest of the industry to adapt or die trying. But in 2022, the company saw ups and downs to say the least.

Wins for Netflix in 2022 include three of its most-watched titles of all time: “Stranger Things” Season 4, “Wednesday” and “Monster — Dahmer: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story.” But those came after a rough start to the year, with major stock drops and subscriber losses that put the streamer’s reputation under intense scrutiny.

Netflix is often criticized, by fans and industry folks alike, for a high output of content that later gets buried on the platform. Case in point, a hefty 20 different series were canceled at Netflix this year. Some found solid fanbases and posted significant viewership numbers. But as Netflix TV exec Peter Friedlander told Variety in a wide-ranging interview about the state of the company’s scripted business, that’s not the only factor at play.

“When we have to make our decisions, it’s about the long term and the longer term viewing,” Friedlander said. “We always are looking at many variables.”

So that they don’t slip into complete oblivion, read on to remember all the shows canceled by Netflix in 2022.

Note: The list below doesn’t include “Antiracist Baby,” “Wings of Fire” or “Bone,” projects that Netflix ordered and then later scrapped, or “Bad Crimes,” which was canceled in the middle of production.