If you want a Marvel show that you can binge very, very quickly, look no further than “I Am Groot.” Disney+‘s animated “Guardians of the Galaxy” short-form spinoff, which follows the adventures of a young and mischievous Groot (voiced by Vin Diesel) as he explores the galaxy, is an antidote to the bloated runtimes of many streaming titles. Instead of a multi-hour superhero adventure, the series offers MCU fans five cartoon shorts that all hover around the three-minute mark. In total, you can easily speed through the episodes in a 20-minute sitting.

Of course, it helps that the show gives you a reason to keep watching: All five of the episodes, which dropped Wednesday, are well animated, family-friendly and very, very cute. While some fans might be a little disappointed at the lack of stakes or important tie-ins to the overall arc of the MCU, viewers who approach it on its own terms will find that these tiny shorts have a lot to offer. Here’s all five of the currently released “I Am Groot” shorts, ranked from worst to best.