Here Are All the Top British Shows Premiering in 2022

2022 Shows
Netflix/Frank Masi / © Netflix / Courtesy Everett Collection/Amazon/ITV

2021 may have been a stellar year on the small screen, as we welcomed back much-hyped series such as “Succession” and delved into new, bingeable fare such as “Squid Game,” but all signs suggest the next 12 months are shaping up to be even better.

Like last year, many of these shows are coming out of the U.K. So prolific is the island state in the realm of television and streaming that last year’s Emmy Awards were nicknamed the “British Emmys” after talent from across the pond dominated eight out of 12 categories.

With COVID-19 apparently not going anywhere and warm summer nights still months away, nothing sounds more appealing right now than curling up in front of a screen to watch some quality shows.

So read on for Variety’s top picks for television and streaming in 2022…