As Peak TV continues to reach new peaks (with new streaming services adding to the glut), it’s impossible to find the time to watch all the buzzy just-premiered shows, let alone the TV staples you’ve been putting off for years (or decades).

With some extra time on your hands while quarantining at home, you can finally watch those long-running TV series you haven’t had time for — the ones that tend to top critics’ “best of” lists. Whether it’s escapist fare like the sprawling saga “Game of Thrones” or a show about the mundane like “Seinfeld,” there’s never been a better time to finally watch a TV classic. Then there’s those three prestige dramas vying for the title of the greatest TV show of all time: “The Wire,” “The Sopranos” and “Breaking Bad.”

Thankfully, all the shows are available to stream. HBO just ended a promotion offering an unprecedented 500 hours of programming for free (including almost all the shows from the premium cabler that are on this list), but they’re also available on Amazon Prime Video, if you don’t have HBO Now or HBO Go. AMC Networks is also offering a selection of free content, while CBS All Access, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu and Disney Plus are giving free trials, or extending the length of existing subscription trials. So get ready to cross some shows off your must-watch list.