A big part of what makes for a good fright is settling into the time and place of a particular story. From early horror works like “Nosferatu” to classic movies such as “Dracula” and “Frankenstein,” the realms that cinema’s scariest creatures inhabit all feel specific and full of life — even of the undead variety.

Haunted castles, abandoned hotels and stately manors are par for the course for horror movie fans, but finding luxurious worlds to dive into makes for the best nighttime viewing. The gothic styling of Guillermo del Toro’s fantasy films and the grotesque surreality of Tim Burton’s stop-motion oeuvre both pull viewers into their cinematic domain.

The opulence of vampire stories, the baroque design of period films and the fairytale whimsy of dark fantasy movies make for a perfect Halloween horror binge. Ranked from spooky to downright terrifying, here are 13 movies with immaculate production design viewers will find easy to get lost in.