Sometimes, you need a little escape from the real world — and what better way than to dive into a TV show filled with magic, dragons, and/or time travel?

There is no shortage of fantasy literature and films to dig into, but TV has also proved a particularly fitting model to push the genre forward. And, thanks in large part to hits like “Game of Thrones,” they’ve gotten increasingly big-budget, which makes the immersion all the more effective. Viewers get blockbuster-level special effects and production, while an entire series allows more exploration into the world, lore and mythology.

Plus, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, many have reason to want to escape right now. And whether you have access to Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime or any of the other plethora of options, there are deep fantasy worlds just waiting to be explored on all kinds of streaming services. Whether you’re into demon-slaying, magical academies or robots, there’s a little something for everyone.