Move over Quibi, we have a TV folly that was even more short-lived than you: Ted Turner’s 1984 debacle, the Cable Music Channel. Having successfully proved everyone wrong by launching CNN — The Cable News Network — in 1981, Turner attemped to do it again, this time by taking on the buzzy MTV. Inspired by his music video show on WTBS, “Night Tracks,” Turner launched CMC with much fanfare. But with MTV still struggling to grow its distribution, there wasn’t any room on cable systems for a second music video network. CMC played a much broader mix of hit music than MTV, which was only starting to get out of its narrow rock focus, but there wasn’t time for it to grow. Losing tons of money, Turner decided to pull the plug just a month after launch. The Cable Music Channel, owned by Turner Broadcasting, lasted from Oct. 1984 to Nov. 1984.