At the end of particularly long days, my old roommate and I used to turn to each other and ask “what’re you feeling for comfort food tonight?” We were rarely ever talking about actual food, but the TV we liked to turn to when we just needed something consistent and good, something we either didn’t have to pay close attention to, something to pass the time.

It’s hard to know what to do in a crisis, let alone one unfolding as rapidly as the coronavirus pandemic. Many of us — hopefully most of us! — are self-isolating at home in hopes that we can prevent it from spreading more than it already will. So if you’re staring down weeks of quarantine, there are a few ways you can pass the time — and many, many TV shows that can burn through as many hours as you need. 

To help narrow the field down a bit, here are some of the shows I’ve recently enjoyed and/or turned to most often when I just need some comfort food. I’ve also organized this list by the lengths of the shows —  short, medium, and long — so you can decide just what kind of TV marathon you’re game for.