“When the video first came to me, it was in the form of a voicemail from Gaga,” director Daniel Askill recalls of the clip for the Oscar-winning singer’s new single, “Stupid Love.” “She spoke about these seven warring tribes as a metaphor for the state of the world today — that’s what hooked me. She was interested in trying to bring across this message of peace and coming together and putting our differences aside.”

And, of course, dancing.

You can always count on Lady Gaga to do something bold, original and unexpected, and her return to pop music was no exception. In this case, it wasn’t the fact that her video was shot entirely on a iPhone 11 Pro — Selena Gomez already did that with her video for “Lose You to Love Me” — but rather further erasing the line between iPhone advertisement and music video. Or, more specifically, art and commerce.