From ‘Knives Out’ to ‘Succession,’ It’s Hollywood’s Year of the Sweater

Chris Evans Tom Hanks sweaters
Claire Folger/Lacey Terrell/CBC Television

No one can deny the sheer volume of great television and film available right now. Our schedules and senses often overwhelmed by content and the various ways to consume it all. Yet, amidst all the options this season and usual conversation around the successes and failures of every movie and show, one surprising and fuzzy discussion has emerged. Hollywood appears to have introduced a new character this season to several hit films and TV shows: the sweater. Cozy pullovers and comforting cardigans from “Knives Out” to “Succession” have spawned hashtags and mood boards on social media.

Fans of winter wear are excited about the impact sweaters are having on both the big and small screen. From classic fisherman cables to cardigans, sweaters are taking center stage and informing the inner and outer worlds of the characters. With street wear overtaking fashion right now, there is something less familiar about seeing so many beautiful sweaters on screen. A well-made sweater can feel bygone, artisanal, expensive, luxurious and even exclusive. It makes us wonder, “Where was it made? Was it the product of a grandmothers’ knitting needles?” Sweaters come with stories, and it is clear they aid in telling them, too.