Bruce Willis, who announced he is stepping away from acting as a result of an aphasia diagnosis, has entertained audiences for decades. From his starring role in the influential dramedy “Moonlighting,” opposite Cybill Shepherd, to ruling the big screen in the iconic “Die Hard’ series, Willis often zigged and zagged into different genres while working with unexpected collaborators. He was a muse to indie auteurs (Tarantino in “Pulp Fiction,” Wes Anderson in “Moonrise Kingdom”), a leading man in high-concept sci-fi (“Twelve Monkeys,”  “Looper”) and a trusted figure in popcorn fare (“Armageddon,” “The Fifth Element”) — occasionally dipping into comedy as well. His interests extended beyond acting to the music world, and he released two albums in the ’80s. Revisit some of Willis’ best roles through the photos below.