The Best TV Shows of 2018

Best TV of 2018

With more TV to choose from than ever before, our critics found some common ground — both included the spy drama “The Americans,” the rich 1980s saga “Pose,” and the crime story “Sharp Objects” on their respective lists. From there, though, there few similarities, with both lists — which make room for a cooking show, a loopy family comedy, a futuristic fable, and a slice of reality programming — serving as a testament to just how broad the medium’s range is at this moment.

Caroline Framke’s Best TV Shows of 2018 | Read More

“The Americans” (FX)
“American Vandal” (Netflix)
“High Maintenance” (HBO)
“Killing Eve” (BBC America)
“One Day at a Time” (Netflix)
“Pose” (FX)
“Salt Fat Acid Heat” (Netflix)
“Schitt’s Creek” (Pop)
“Sharp Objects” (HBO)
“Vida” (Starz)

Daniel D’Addario’s Best TV Shows of 2018 | Read More

1. “Pose,” FX
2. “The Americans,” FX
3. “Westworld,” HBO
4. “Sharp Objects,” HBO
5. “Patrick Melrose,” Showtime
6. “Atlanta,” FX
7. “Homecoming,” Amazon
8. “Maniac,” Netflix
9. “Barry,” HBO
10. “Queer Eye,” Netflix