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Halloween is fast approaching and if you want to have the spookiest house on the block this year you’ll need to be prepped with the right ammo: people are getting more creative every year, and the competition for unique, frightening decorations is even stiffer.

If you want to rival a presentation like this viral light show in Riverside, Calif. from 2016, you’ll need to start bulking up on the right light fixtures and fog machines. If you’re going for the arachnophobes, you’ll need as many spider props as you can get your hands on, like this giant hairy one, with LED eyes, from Etsy.

Whatever spooky mood you’re going for — from a “Craft”-style witch convent to a murder-ridden hotel a la “The Shining” —  here are all the Halloween decorations you need for a seamless transformation.


Wicked Witch Legs

Courtesy of Amazon

Commemorate the death of the Wicked Witch with this distinct ruby slipper prop, referencing the demise of the malevolent tyrant of Munchkin Country. Pair it with this yellow brick road floor runner to fully transform you house into the vibrant land of Oz.

Wicked Witch Legs $40 Buy It

Pennywise Balloon Table Lamp

Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

Anyone can stick life-size Pennywise cutout in your loved ones closet to add a little “boo” to their day. But what if you want something a little more … elevated? This chic, balloon-shaped table lamp is a clear reference to the iconic Stephen King story, and fills up the room with a red glow for a cozy ambience without being so… obvious.

BUY NOW: $40 Buy It

‘The Craft’ Ouija Planchette Sign

Courtesy of Etsy

Normally, we’re not a huge fans of the “live, laugh, love” wall signs. Halloween, however, is an entirely different matter. This is the season to bring out all the cult classic and horror trope and one-liners. Twenty years later and Andrew Fleming’s “The Craft” continues to be a staple that all weirdos-turned-witches can relate. Just be careful when you’re invoking the spirits this spooky season.

BUY NOW: $20 Buy It


Cinema Light Board

Lazy loaded image

And if you’re looking for something a bit more flexible, purchase a cinema light board, that way you can change up the saying throughout all of the fall. Our favorite lines include “call the corners,” “it’s just a bunch of hocus pocus,” “they’re here,” “I see dead people” …

Cinema Light Box $14.99 Buy It

‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ Poison Bottles

Courtesy of Etsy

These handcrafted jars are a playful nod to (some of) the toxic herbs Sally uses to poison Dr. Finkelstein before making her final escape. Fill up each bowl with your own “Nightmare Before Christmas”-themed punch, inspired by each of Sally’s poisonous creations, from Fog Juice to Deadly Night Shade.

BUY NOW: $30 Buy It

‘Friday the 13th’ Jason Garden Gnome

Courtesy of Etsy

This best-selling gnome portrays an adorable version of the murderous Jason Voorhes from the “Friday the 13th” series, complete with his distinct Goaltender mask. Tuck this little charmer away for a fun surprise amongst your shrubs and hedges.

BUY NOW: $15 Buy It

Halloween Pillows

Halloween Pillows

We live for a holiday pillow. It’s a cheap, easy way to add a little fun to your room without having to airlift in a 20-foot spider (although you should totally still buy the spider). And the Halloween-centric pillows are a plenty, so we rounded up a few favorites. From left to right starting at the top row: there’s this charming this “Boo” pillow that almost looks like a letterman’s jacket, a trio of dancing skeletons from amazon, a retro throwback with two classic black cats, a charming hooked jack-o-lantern, a spooky spiderweb throw from West Elm and this minimalist pillow, designed to Jack Skellington’s likeness above. Added bonus, you can keep that pillow in the rotation until the end of Christmas.

Nightmare Before Christmas Pillow $8.99 Buy It

Overlook Hotel Carpet Blanket

Courtesy of Amazon

Transform your home into the Overlook Hotel from “The Shining” with this throw blanket, designed with the distinct orange pattern that makes up the carpeting of the storied, murder-ridden hotel. Throw it over your couch or place it on the ground as a quasi runner carpet. Pair it with these matching pillows for the full effect.

Overlook Hotel Blanket $36.99 Buy It

Tarot Tapestry

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Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

If you’re leaning into the witch moment, go all the way in with this trio of tarot tapestries. They’re exceedingly affordable and a fancy way to elevate your space and incorporate your salt crystals lamps and candles into the atmosphere. And if you don’t already own a salt crystal lamp, what are you waiting for!

Tarot Tapestry $19 Buy It

Moving Portraits

Courtesy of Amazon

These moving portraits are sure to frighten, featuring lenticular pictures to give off different sights at every angle. Hot tip, put them in the bathroom to really freak out your guests.

Moving Portraits $12 Buy It

Geo Moon Light Sculpture

Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

Mood lighting is essential to any good seance or game of light as a feather stiff. And for that you will needs this glow-up moon light. Gold-tinted bulbs give off a warm glow that offers a nighttime spook to the house no matter the time of day, and serves as stylish decor once October passes.

BUY NOW: $34 Buy It

Skeleton Neon Light

Courtesy of Target

Offer a warm welcome with this bright light-up skeleton fixture, with his hand up in a friendly wave. Perfect for sending out the spooky vibes while staying socially distant from inside your abode. Go for an even more colorful Halloween-themed light option with this ghost LED light.

BUY NOW: $35 Buy It

Jack Skellington String Lights

Courtesy of Amazon

String these fun “Nightmare Before Christmas”-themed bulbs on your front porch or around the house for a ghostly ray of light. This set features four different Jack Skellington facial expressions and eight different light modes — such as flashing, sequential and slow fade — for a fun a party vibe.

Nightmare Before Christmas String Lights Buy It

Orange Fairy String Lights

Courtesy of Amazon

Pair your cobwebbing with orange fairy lights for some extra spooky ambience

Orange Fairy String Lights $14.78  $9.99 Buy It

Animated Floating Candelabra

Courtesy of Grandin Road

This ghostly candelabra, standing five feet tall, is the perfect edition to any otherworldly gathering on the 31st. Using audio sensors, it moves on its own, bumping into objects and turning around for an immersive, supernatural experience. The faux candles light when activated.

BUY NOW: $99.50 Buy It

Madame Leota Light-Up Fog Figure

Courtesy of Amazon

Fill up your house with the ghosts of “The Haunted Mansion” such as Madame Leota, a 19th century clairvoyant and oracle. This detailed decor piece doubles as a crystal ball and fog machine, adding sinister vibes to any room.

Madame Leota Light-Up Fog Figure $44.95 Buy It

Billy Butcherson Hanging Head

Courtesy of Spirit Halloween

Honor Winnie’s ex-boyfriend from “Hocus Pocus” with this frightening hanging head, which features his distinct sewn mouth and hallowed eyes.

BUY NOW: $39.99 Buy It

Michael Myers Halloween Decal

Courtesy of Amazon

Slasher fans will appreciate Michael Myers haunting the festivities. This decal features a silhouette of the murderer from the iconic Halloween series.

Michael Myers Halloween Decal $11.99 Buy It

‘The Shining’ Scene Setters

Courtesy of Amazon

The creepy Grady sisters make an appearance with this realistic scene setter. The set comes with cut outs of the two stars of “The Shining,” to place on any wall in the house,  alongside blood splatters of the story’s sinister palindrome, REDRUM.

The Shining Scene Setters $11.50 Buy It

Giant Spider

Courtesy of Amazon

Tap into visitors’ arachnophobia with this 6.6-foot tall spider. With realistic black hair and red eyes, the outdoor decoration is the perfect prop to get into the Halloween mood. Order in bulk, or go for this pack of six, to achieve a scene straight out of the 1990 film “Arachnophobia.”

Halloween Giant Spider $21.99 Buy It

Hanging Lighted Witch Hats

Courtesy of Amazon

Outdoor light displays have never been easier than with these colorful LED witch hats, which you can control from this wireless remote. The pack comes with nine different colored hats to hang across your roof, or on a string across the yard, for a vibrant front yard decoration.

Black Bat Wall Hanging

Courtesy of Etsy

Transform any room into a frightening bat cave with this pack of handmade bat cut-outs, to easily stick on surfaces around the house.

BUY NOW: $12 Buy It

Do You Like Scary Movies ‘Scream’ Banner

Courtesy of Etsy

Set a menacing tone with this “Scream” poster, referencing Ghostface’s ominous message at the beginning of the Wes Craven film: “Do you like scary movies?”

BUY NOW: $17.25 Buy It

‘Drink Up Witches’ Sign

Courtesy of Amazon

Sometimes you need a little incentive to get the party going. Set the tone for the night with this playful banner, perfect for hanging over a bar cart or below any archway of the house. Make it a full-fledged witchy night with this premium broom set.

Drink Up Witches Sign $10.99 Buy It

‘Hocus Pocus’ Serving Cauldron

Courtesy of Grandin Road

You can’t serve food to guests in anything other than a smoking cauldron on Halloween. This “Hocus Pocus”-themed bowl features feet to sit flat on any surface, and comes with a branch-look, stoneware ladle.

BUY NOW: $99.50 Buy It

Bats Double Old-Fashioned Glass

Courtesy of Crate and Barrel

If drinks are being circulated, you need a drinkware that fits the theme. These sleek ones from Crate and Barrel, with subtle bat embellishments, are a perfect choice and work all year around. Or go for these more classic skeleton hand glasses for something more on the nose.

BUY NOW: $9.95 Buy It

Animal Halloween Plates

Courtesy of West Elm

If you’re planning a meal (which you can do with the dozens of recipes in this best-selling “Nightmare Before Christmas” cookbook), then you need to add some spook to the presentation. It doesn’t get more adorable than this animal-themed Halloween set, decorated with dogs, birds and cats all clad in their own festive costumes.

BUY NOW: $12.50 Buy It

Drink Blood Bags

Courtesy of Amazon

If vampires are planning a visit, you need to be prepped with blood to keep them fed throughout the night.

Drink Blood Bags $19.99  $10.99 Buy It

Spider Cobweb Decorations

Courtesy of Amazon

Any Halloween house get-up needs to come with extensive cobwebbing for the right vibe. This comprehensive set comes with mantel pieces, tablecloths and scarves to hang around the entire house to set the mood.

Spider Cobweb Decorations $15.96 Buy It

Boo Doormat

Courtesy of West Elm

This playful “Boo” doormat is the perfect way to get into the Halloween spirit from the outset, while still leaving room for surprises behind the door.

BUY NOW: $47 Buy It

Holding Hands Ghosts

Courtesy of Amazon

A creepy atmosphere is instantly secured with this ominous circle of ghosts, evoking spirits around a pit of fire. If you’re feeling witchy, go for this witches version.


The Nightmare Before Christmas’ Whirl-a-Motion Lightshow

Courtesy of Walmart

You get an entire front yard’s worth of decorations using just one device with this “Nightmare Before Christmas” light projector. Colorful images show Sally, Ougie Boogie, Jack and Zero floating around a static image of Jack, serving as the perfect immersive backdrop for indoor and outdoor decorations this year.

BUY NOW: $18.18 Buy It

Oogie Boogie Airblown Inflatable

Courtesy of Walmart

Your house will be the star of the street with this light-up inflatable Ougie Boogie from “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” At five feet tall, it self-inflates in seconds and lights up with bright, neon green LED lights.

BUY NOW: $28.88 Buy It


Haunted Halloween Archway

Courtesy of Hammacher Schlemmer

Give trick-or-treaters a dramatic welcome with this 12-feet tall archway, illuminated with six mini-LEDs and an infrared motion sensor that lets out an eerie cackle when visitors pass by. Made out of tear-resistant nylon and packed with three additional multi-colored disco-like LEDs, this flashy decoration has you set for years of Halloweens to come.

BUY NOW: $299.95 Buy It

Creepy Carnival Theme Kit

Courtesy of Shindigz

Be the best Halloween display on the block (even your town!) with this insane carnival-themed Halloween kit. Giving off “American Horror Story: Freak Show” vibes, the kit comes with a lighted tent arch, a vintage boardwalk ticket booth and  red railing rope replacements among dozens of other pieces to transform any space into an eerie circus.

BUY NOW: $1,997 Buy It

Halloween Fog Machine

Courtesy of Amazon

Transforming your house into a haunted manor is as easy as buying a super affordable fog machine. Set it up in the corner of any room or behind a prop for ghostly energy.

Halloween Fog Machine $40.99 Buy It