From Maverick and Rooster to Vecna and Eleven: The Best Couples Costumes to Wear This Halloween

couples halloween costumes

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Tired of your Fred and Wilma costumes? Your Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow cosplays feeling too tired?

The perfect couples costumes — ones that are timely but not overused — can be hard to come by. But thankfully, the past year of shows and movies have gifted us all with more than enough iconic duos to pull inspiration from this Halloween. From Maverick and Rooster in “Top Gun” to Vecna and Eleven in “Stranger Things,” here are the best couples costumes to shop this Halloween. 

The Sanderson Sisters 

Hocus Pocus 2


Courtesy of Amazon

BUY NOW: $49.99


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BUY NOW: $49.99


Lazy loaded image
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BUY NOW: $54.99

Barbie and Ken


Barbie and Ken Box Accessory 

Courtesy of Amazon

BUY NOW: $94.95

Retro Metallic Tank Unitard 

Courtesy of Amazon

BUY NOW: $42.99

Maverick and Rooster

Lazy loaded image
“Top Gun” was another long-awaited and much anticipated sequel that broke all box-office records this past year. That should be enough to know that this costume will not only be highly recognized, but in-demand too.

Flight Suit 

Courtesy of Amazon

For the pairing, grab this easy flight suit and draw on a faux moustache for a look that may take you less than ten minutes to achieve.

BUY NOW: $79.99

Aviator Sunglasses

Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of Amazon

Top off the look with this must-have accessory.

BUY NOW: $11.99

Maverick Bomber Jacket 

Courtesy of Party City

Probably one of the easiest costumes on our list, simply add a white tee and jeans to this iconic bomber jacket for a look that only Maverick could get away with.



Courtesy of Amazon

You’ll need Rooster’s mustache to complete the look. 

BUY NOW: $19.92  $14.89

Batman and Cat Woman 

THE BATMAN, from left: Zoe Kravitz as Selina Kyle / Catwoman, Robert Pattinson as Batman, 2022. ph: Jonathan Olley / © Warner Bros. / Courtesy Everett Collection

This blockbuster reimagining featured an all new, modernized Batman and cool Catwoman which make the ultimate one and done costume pairing. 

The Batman Costume

Courtesy of Amazon

This version showcases the 2022 updated caped crusader and includes detachable belt, cape and mask.

BUY NOW: $59.99

Catwoman Costume 

Courtesy of Halloween Costumes

This deluxe, sleek and slinky Selina Kyle as cat woman costume is also the modernized version and will have heads turning all night long

BUY NOW: $59.99

The Targaryens from ‘House of the Dragon’

Lazy loaded image
Amazon’s highly anticipated prequel to “Game of Thrones” is the talk of the town. Even more intriguing is the wide array of costumes you can glean from the large cast of characters. HBO

Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen Costume

Courtesy of Amazon

This dress is amazing, authentic and looks luxe with an affordable price tag.

BUY NOW: $49.99

Prince Daemon Targaryen Costume 

Courtesy of Amazon

This noble robe trench coat is as convincing as ever and will give you the ultimate get-in-character cosplay.

BUY NOW: $49.99

Vecna and Eleven 

Vecna Cosplay Costume

Courtesy of Cossky

This one-piece jumpsuit is pretty accurate, includes a mask and will turn heads when entering any room.

BUY NOW: $32.99

Eleven Cosplay Costume 

Courtesy of Spirit Halloween

Pair your demon with a straight from the series, eighties-inspired dress that includes a plaid undershirt. This is for the true fan and will be comfortable enough to spend the whole night in.

BUY NOW: $49.99

Wanda and Vision


“WandaVision” is absolutely loaded with costume ideas, go big and try and attempt to recreate the “Dick Van Dyke” and “Donna Reed” tribute, or opt for the easy option and buy the literal Halloween costumes from their 90s episode-spoof. Just make sure you call yourself a “sokovian fortune teller” and a “wrestler,” for accuracy sake.

Wanda’s “Halloween” Costume

Courtesy of Disney

It only makes sense to wear Wanda’s outfit from the “very special” Halloween episode of “WandaVision” the “All-New Halloween Spooktacular!” Pink tights, red boots and her classic headgear nod to her earlier comic book roots as the Scarlet Witch.

BUY NOW: $59.99

Vision’s “Halloween” Costume

Courtesy of Disney

Of course, it isn’t a couples costume without Vision. Make your costuming partner dress up to complete the look from above. The set comes with a full bodysuit, gloves, shorts, cape and cowl with a diamond-shaped appliqué.

BUY NOW: $59.99

Mando and Grogu

The Mandalorian Disney Plus

Mando and Grogu might be the most adorable pairing to come out of this year’s slate of shows. The “Star Wars” spinoff  is perfect for any duo looking for an updated costume this year.

Mando Mask

Courtesy of Amazon Courtesy of Amazon

Transforming into the gunfighter is made easy with this cosplay mask, featuring the distinct T-shaped slits for eyes and nose, and made out of flexible PVC to fit a wide range of head sizes.

Mando Mask

Beskar Armor

Courtesy of Amazon Courtesy of Amazon

If you really want to be prepped for Mando’s intergalactic fighting, especially to protect Baby Yoda, then you’ll want to go for this complete Beskar Armor set that Mando wears for his biggest battles.

Mandalorian Beskar Armor $60.05

The Child Costume

Courtesy of Disney Courtesy of Disney

This duo costume makes the most sense as a parent-and-baby collab considering Mando and Grogu’s relationship, so this Grogu costume is the perfect costume pairing if you have a baby to dress up it up with. If your kid is a bit older, you can go for the kid’s version.

BUY NOW: $24.99

Barb and Star…and Sharon Gordan Fisherman

Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of Lionsgate/Everett Collection

Barb and Star make the perfect best friends costume this year, giving you and a buddy a pass to tap into the unhinged antics of the Midwestern duo. Dress up in loud floral beachwear for an easy summer-themed costume, and add on a third friend as the villainous Sharon Gordan Fisherman clad in white.


Pink Capri Pants

Courtesy of Amazon Courtesy of Amazon

Barb loves a bright capri pant. These pink ones with an elastic waist are comfortable and fit the vibe perfectly.

Women's Capri Pants $15.99

Floral Chiffon Shirt

Courtesy of Amazon Courtesy of Amazon

There’s nothing Barb loves more than a bright floral chiffon moment. Brighten up your outfit with this festive top to pair with khakis, a wide-brimmed sunhat and lace-up Keds. 

Hawaii Lady Aloha Shirt $29.00



Courtesy of Amazon Courtesy of Amazon

Star prefers a soccer mom-style visor while running around the motel.

Paper Straw Visor

Hawaiian Floral Shirt

Courtesy of Amazon Courtesy of Amazon

Pair this noisy button-down with a white tee and pants to be instantly Star-ified.

Hawaii Lady Aloha Shirt $29.00

Maholo Floral Leis

Courtesy of Amazon Courtesy of Amazon

Whether you go as Star or Barb, you’ll want to accessorize your outfit with colorful floral leis. Add on with flashy yellow-clip ons to complete the bohemian look.

Maholo Floral Leis $11.99  $9.99

Sharon Gordan Fisherman

UV Glow in the Dark Steampunk Rave Goggles

Courtesy of Amazon

No, we didn’t forget about Sharon Gordan Fisherman, Kristen Wiig’s duel villainous character, who hatches a nefarious plot to kill everyone in town. Pair these funky goggles with a hooded white jacket and you’re all set for a trio costume.

UV Glow in the Dark Rave Goggles $14.99


Harley Quinn and Peacemaker

The Suicide Squad Peacemaker Harley Quinn

James Gunn’s newest “Suicide Squad” brought hot new looks for everyone’s favorite Halloween costume, Harley Quinn! But it also ushered in a whole troupe of fantastic new supers to get excited about dressing up as. So far we’ve seen new costumes release for Quinn the DC Universe character the Peacemaker (who is getting his own HBO Max series spinoff) but check back for Polka-Dot Man, Rat Catcher and King Shark.

Harley Quinn Cosplay Costume

Courtesy of Cossky

This custom-made cosplay costume is all you need to transform into the powerful Suicide Squad member. The head-to-toe set includes a red and leather faux leather jacket with the words “Live Fast Die Clown”embellished on the back, in addition to skintight pants, gloves and headgear. Pair it with these full-body temporary tattoos, which feature Harley Quinn’s signature. sinister inks.

BUY NOW: $49.99

Harley Quinn Pink and Blue Wig

Courtesy of Amazon Courtesy of Amazon

Harley Quinn’s murderous ways are so captivating because of her sophisticated looks and innocent smile that hide her cunning ways. This blonde wig comes with symmetrical braids and face-framing bangs to replicate Margot Robbie’s look in James Gunn’s “Suicide Squad.”

Harley Quinn Wig $19.50

Peacemaker Outfit

Courtesy of Cossky Courtesy of Cossky

John Cena’s Peacemaker in the newest “Suicide Squad” might be one of the most interesting characters in the MCU, so dedicated to peace that he’ll kill anyone to preserve it. This complete cosplay outfit comes with his red top, dark blue gloves, white pants and belt so you can transform yourself into what James Gunn describes as the “world’s biggest douchebag.”

BUY NOW: $107.99

Peacemaker Mask

Courtesy of Amazon Courtesy of Amazon

Complete your Peacemaker fit with this silver headgear to replicate the same ostentatious accessory Cena’s character wears throughout the entire movie — and during plenty of press outings outside of the film, too.

Peacemaker Mask $29.99


Loki and Sylvie

Loki Tom Hiddleston Sophia Di Martino

Following “Endgame,” the world was gifted with an alternate version of Tom Hiddleston’s Loki in the eponymous Disney Plus Series, in which the God of Mischief teams up with another Loki Variant. This year, dress up as Loki and Sylvie to fight off the new big bad, time and those that mess with it.

Loki Costume

Courtesy of Amazon

Wear Loki’s signature attire with his classic “Variant” windbreaker, paired with brown khakis, a tie and a white button-down.

Loki/Sylvie Helmet with Horns

Courtesy of Amazon Courtesy of Amazon

Any Loki Variant needs a horned helmet, which Loki wore during his time as Asgardian royalty. And if you need a busted set for Sylvie, etsy’s got you covered. 

Loki Helmet $22.99

Green and Black Sylvie Hooded Cloak

Courtesy of Amazon Courtesy of Amazon

Sylvie will need her own horned helmet, paired with a dark green and black hooded cloak. For an even more realistic look, you can go with this highly detailed cosplay costume for more money.

Green and Black Hooded Cloak $25.95


Nadja and Laszlo in ‘What We Do in the Shadows’

What We Do in the Shadows FX

Season 3 of “What We Do In the Shadows” comes out Sept. 2, meaning you’ll have a full season’s worth of episodes to pull inspiration from this Halloween. You’ll likely want to go as the musical vampire duo, Laszlo and Nadja.

Nadja Vampire Costume

Courtesy of Amazon Courtesy of Amazon

“What We Do in the Shadows” is far from a typical vampire series but the characters do look the part. Nadja loves a blood-colored fit, such as this costume that includes a velour jacket, velvet skirt and lace dickey.

Nadja Vampire Costume $55.99  $49.99

Laszlo Renaissance Frock Coat

Courtesy of Amazon Courtesy of Amazon

There’s no event that Lazlo won’t dress up for, whether he’s performing for a crowd or committing a senseless killing. This medieval-style jacket set is a dupe for the outfit he wears throughout the entire series.

Laszlo Renaissance Frock Coat $49.99

Custom Fangs

Courtesy of Amazon Courtesy of Amazon

Neither costume is complete without a custom pair of vampire fangs, which you’ll need to feast on your unsuspecting audience.

Custom Vampire Fangs $21.35  $17.99

Morticia and Gomez Addams

THE ADDAMS FAMILY, from left: Anjelica Huston, Raul Julia, 1991. ph: Melinda Sue Gordon / © Paramount Pictures / Courtesy Everett Collection

The Addams are a classic Halloween costume but they get an upgrade this year following the upcoming sequel set to come out this Oct.

Morticia Dress

Courtesy of Amazon Courtesy of Amazon

Play the matriarch of the family with this all-black cosplay dress, which comes with a floor-trailing veil hem and wide-hemmed sleeves for a dramatic look.

Morticia Addams Cosplay Dress $59.99

Morticia Wig

Courtesy of Amazon Courtesy of Amazon

Add even more drama to the look by adding a long black wig to replicate Morticia’s distinct locks.

Morticia Wig $19.99  $18.99

Men’s Floral Tuxedo

Courtesy of Amazon Courtesy of Amazon

This paisley suit jacket is an exact dupe for Gomez’s signature fit, to be paired with a maroon bow tie and white button-down.

Men's Floral Tuxedo $69.99

Black Widow and Yelena Belova

Black Widow

The sisters couple costume! Make this Halloween a family affair by cosplaying as the “Black Widow” sisters from the latest Marvel movie.

All-White Jumpsuit

Courtesy of Amazon Courtesy of Amazon

Scarlett Johansson and Florence Pugh got an all-white costume for Marvel suit makeover for the latest “Black Widow” release, a departure from her usual black attire. Natasha Romanoff dons the new suit to bust her “father” the Red Guardian out of prison, now there’s a great family Halloween costume idea as well. True, she eventually returns to her classic  all-black outfit as the plot progresses but you do have the option to both wear white, or mix it up.

Black Widow Costume $44.99


Frank and Lily in ‘Jungle Cruise’

Dwayne Johnson as Frank and Emily Blunt as Lily in JUNGLE CRUISE. Photo by Frank Masi. © 2020 Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Travel down the Amazon in a ramshackle boat this Halloween, as the Frank and Lily duo from “Jungle Cruise.” Whether you go as Dwayne Johnson’s steamboat skipper or as Emily Blunt’s Dr. Lily Houghton, the adventurous pair make for a fun and unique couple’s costume for this year.

Frank Cosplay Costume

Courtesy of Amazon

This finished look is an exact replica of the outfit Frank wears throughout the entire film as he leads Lily and her brother MacGregor throughout the jungles of South America. The set includes his yellow suspenders, khaki pants and striped button-down. Pair it with this explorer hat for added believability.

Frank Jungle Cruise Cosplay Costume $61.50

Lily Deluxe Adult Costume

Courtesy of Target Courtesy of Target

Don a sun hat and become the heroic Dr. Lily Houghton this Halloween, the deuteragonist in search of the life-saving Tears of the Moon. Aside from her classic hat, the full costume includes a blue collared button-down, beige khakis and a red handkerchief.

BUY NOW: $54.35

Rick and Morty…and Pickle Rick

Rick and Morty Merch

Following a much-anticipated Season 5 — which premiered in June and will run through Sept. 5 — a good ‘ole Rick and Morty costume feels long overdue. Don an electrified wig and go as the reckless and alcoholic scientist Rick, or wear a wide-eyed mask to go as his constantly bewildered grandson Morty. Or, simply put on an inflatable pickle costume to go as Rick’s alter ego, Pickle Rick.

Rick Costume

Courtesy of Amazon Courtesy of Amazon

You’ll be all set to hang with aliens and other extradimensional beings with this comprehensive set, which comes with a lab coat, wig and thick eyebrows.

Morty Costume

Morty Costume

Courtesy of Amazon Courtesy of Amazon

Morty’s most distinguishing features are his perpetually bewildered eyes in response to his grandfather’s reckless antics. Pair this mask with any basic t-shirt and jeans for a complete look.

Morty Costume $34.99

Inflatable Pickle Rick

Courtesy of Amazon Courtesy of Amazon

Get out of family counseling by turning yourself into a pickle, just like the eccentric Rick does in the iconic episode “Pickle Rick.”

Inflatable Pickle Rick Costume

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck in ‘The Last Duel’

Last Duel Matt Damon Ben Affleck

Set in 14th century France, “The Last Duel” tells the true story of a  medieval knight Jean de Carrouges (Matt Damon) who fights to his death against squire Jacques Le Gris (Adam Driver) after his wife accuses him of an egregious crime. Set to come out Oct. 15, the film is the perfect choice for Halloween inspiration for anyone looking to dress up in medieval armor this year.

Knight Costume

Courtesy of Amazon Courtesy of Amazon

A classic medieval knight costume works for Damon’s battling character, but you can make the costume more distinct by adding on a knight chainmail shirt, which he’s seen wearing while battling Driver’s character in the trailer.

Dark Prince Costume $81.00  $56.18

Red Satin Robe

Courtesy of Amazon Courtesy of Amazon

Affleck’s King Charles doesn’t hold back on his wardrobe for the throne. In the fleeting shots of him from the trailer he’s seen wearing a long red satin robe, decked out with heavy gold jewelry.

Red Satin Robe $11.99  $9.99

Bleached Blonde Wig and Goatee

Courtesy of Amazon Courtesy of Amazon

Affleck goes beach blonde for his role as King Charles, meaning you’ll have to snag a bleached blonde wig, alongside a goatee, to look the part.

Short Wig Hair Replacement