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It’s been more than 20 years since Tony Soprano walked into his therapist’s office for the first time and changed television forever. But the lasting impact of the show hasn’t wavered in the years since: most diehard fans have rewatched the series at least two times over, and now Funko Pop has released a brand new “Sopranos” collection that includes adorable miniaturized versions of everyone’s favorite mobsters.

The collection’s headlining piece is Tony Soprano in his classic robe, white tee and gold jewelry — cigar in hand, and duck in tow. The rest of the lineup includes a glamorous Carmela with green eyeshadow and a leopard print shirt, Paulie clad in a blue and white tracksuit and his signature “wings,” a down-to-business Silvio in a suit and Christopher in a leather jacket and slacks.

The entire collection is available to pre-order today at $12.99 apiece and will ship out in December. Shop “The Sopranos” Funko Pop collection below, in addition to dozens more “Sopranos” merch for the wannabe gangster: 

Funko Pop Collection 

Courtesy of Amazon

The brand new “Sopranos” Funko Pop collection includes everyone’s favorite New Jersey mobsters: Tony and Carmela Soprano, Silvio, Paulie and Christopher. 

BUY NOW: $12.99


The Sopranos Family Cookbook

Courtesy of Amazon

20 years later and the Sopranos cookbook is still a #1 bestseller on Amazon. The restaurateur, and Tony’s best friend, Artie Bucco brings you hundreds of Avellininese-style recipes in this extensive cookbook inspired by the hit HBO series. From arancini to zabaglione, to baccala to Sinatra-style Quail, these unique recipes will have you speaking Italian by the end of your meal. Plus, the 208-page book also features “Sopranos” artifacts that any fan will appreciate, such as Bucco Vesuvio’s first menu from 1926, AJ’s school essay on why he likes food and Bobby Bacale’s tips on hosting a meal.

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The Sopranos Family Cookbook $28.00  $15.49


‘The Sopranos Sessions’

Courtesy of Amazon

TV nerds and cinephiles alike will appreciate the smart analysis packed in “The Soprano Sessions,” written and put together by award-winning critics Alan Sepinwall and Matt Seitz. The book explores the impact of the “Sopranos” on the entertainment industry since it first hit the air in 1999. In addition to their own critical essays covering every episode, the book also includes conversations with the show’s creator David Chase, their own archival writing and a series of informative recaps.

The Sopranos Sessions $35.00  $25.37

The Manhattan Cigars ($37 Off)

Courtesy of 1st Class Humidors

Smoking is bad, but you can’t really consider yourself an Italian mobster without a stogy in hand — even if you don’t inhale. This leather pack makes it easy to store your cigars safely while traveling. The ostrich-style case  includes a flip flop refillable butane torch lighter and a guillotine cigar cutter. Plus, below the accessories is a removable ventilated humidifier to keep your smokes in the right environment.

BUY NOW: $75  $46

Classic Motif Signet Ring

Courtesy of John Hardy

Tony’s memorable signet pinky ring stayed on his finger through all his murders and robberies and heists. Thankfully, the classic accessory hasn’t gone out of style. This John Hardy is a modern version of the one Tony wears in the show. Made with sterling silver and black jade, this signet ring has a dramatic design and detailed carvings for a unique accessory that will last a lifetime.

BUY NOW: $75  $550

Men’s Scotch Plaid Flannel Robe

Courtesy of L.L Bean

Tony had a high kill count but he may have had an even higher thread count in his robe. One of the show’s famous first scenes sees him lazing around in a classic white robe while feeding the ducks in his backyard. Throughout the six seasons we see him in a wide range of styles while winding down from stressful days. This ultra-soft flannel robe from L.L Bean would definitely be Tony-approved. It’s made out of 100% cotton Portuguese flannel, and brushed on both sides for superior softness and warmth.

BUY NOW: $75  $79

‘Sopranos’ Trivia Game

Courtesy of Amazon

Test your “Sopranos” knowledge with this fun, interactive trivia game. But beware, some of the questions might be tricky if you haven’t done a re-watch in a while. The set comes with a stack of question cards that increase in difficulty, alongside score cards. From specific episode recaps — such as Sal’s iconic death aboard Tony’s boat at the end of Season 2 or the part-comedic, part-heartwarming group intervention over Chrissie’s heroin problem — to specific character quizzes, the expansive game caters towards every type of diehard “Soprano” fan.

‘The Sopranos’ Board Game

Courtesy of Walmart

In this hyper-specific “Sopranos” Monopoly board game, players can trade iconic mobster locations such as Tony’s house and Satratics Poker Store, shop from New Jersey favorites such as Vesuvio Restorante, and risk some money at Bada Bing. The classic Monopoly board is designed with imagery inspired by the show, and includes unique tokens such as the Stugots and Bobby Bacala’s toy train. Here, check out more board games inspired by your favorite shows and films.

BUY NOW: $75  $49.98

‘The Sopranos’ Complete Collection on Blu-ray (31% Off)

Courtesy of Amazon

There are few series more worth owning on Blue-ray than “The Sopranos.” The iconic HBO series promises a lifetime of rewatches. This complete collection contains all six seasons, in addition to two roundtable dinners with the cast and crew, a two-part interview with creator David Chase and dozens of lost scenes and behind-the-scenes footage.

The Sopranos Complete Collection on Blu-ray $66.99

‘Entertaining With the Sopranos’

Courtesy of Amazon

No one is a more gracious hostess than Carmela Soprano, who has put together Italian-style get-togethers for everything from graduations and birthdays to anniversaries and poolside barbecues. The extensive cookbook includes more than 75 Neopolitan-based recipes. Plus, packed between the recipes are dozens of never-seen illustrations from the show and insightful commentaries from some of the show’s best characters, such as Dr. Jennifer Melfi and Paulie Walnuts.

Entertaining With the Sopranos $35.55

Satriale’s Mug

Courtesy of Amazon

Nod to the iconic meat market where the show’s main mobsters hold their most important meetings. This classic mug features the same printing as the famous Jersey storefront, recognizable to any fan of the show.

Satriale's Mug $12.99

‘Sopranos’ Model Kit – The Failed Hit

Courtesy of Etsy

This highly detailed, handmade model makes an incredible gift for any fan of the hit series. This specific diorama showcases one of the most memorable scenes from the show, featuring a failed hit and an accidental seatbelt-related death during a dramatic drive-by.

BUY NOW: $75  $99