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Gilligan is reaching the end of a life-changing and arguably industry-shifting odyssey that began with awards magnet “Breaking Bad” in 2008 and will conclude in 2021 with the sixth and final season of the stellar prequel series “Better Call Saul.” Along the way, he created an Emmy-winning cartoon spinoff (“Better Call Saul: Los Pollos Hermanos Employee Training”) and wrote and directed the 2019 “Breaking Bad” Netflix TV movie sequel “El Camino.” Gilligan began his career scripting the features “Wilder Napalm” (1993) and “Home Fries” (1998), the latter penned when he was a New York University film student, then spent six years as a writer-producer on “The X-Files.” In 2015, CBS picked up his cop series “Battle Creek,” with David Shore as showrunner, from a pilot Gilligan had written years earlier.




  • New York University (NY, USA)

Variety Honors

  • 2017 Variety500 Honoree
  • 2018 Variety500 Honoree
  • 2019 Variety500 Honoree
  • 2020 Variety500 Honoree
  • Showrunners Impact
  • TV Producers Impact
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'Breaking Bad' Creator Vince Gilligan's 2013 Guest Column: Showing the Effects of Violence

'Breaking Bad' Creator Vince Gilligan's 2013 Guest Column: Showing the Effects of Violence

The entertainment industry had been under fire for irresponsible depictions of violence from the early days, including 1930s gangster movies and the glut of 1950s TV Westerns. Decision-makers in Hollywood always gave lip service to the idea of responsibility, but as long as violence earned a lot of money, nobody changed.After the Sandy Hook school shootings in December 2012, Vince Gilligan wrote a thoughtful guest column about Hollywood’s depictions of violence, including the responsibility of showing its aftereffects, which are...


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