Pete Docter
Deborah Coleman/Pixar
United States

Pixar Animation Studios


Chief Creative Officer

Not a lot had been heard from Docter, creatively speaking, since he succeeded John Lasseter as Pixar’s chief creative officer in June 2018. Finally, in August of 2019 it was revealed that his next secrecy-shrouded directorial effort (co-helmed by Kemp Powers) was titled “Soul,” about a middle school teacher (voiced by Jamie Foxx) who falls down a sewer grate and enters the spirit realm. Then the pandemic hit and the film’s release was delayed, leading to Disney’s decision to put it on Disney Plus in December 2020. In the meantime, the Disney Plus shortform series “Forky Asks a Question” he exec produced won an Emmy ahead of further Pixar series planned for the streamer in the coming years, adding to Docter’s best animated picture Oscar wins for his two previous directorial efforts — 2009’s “Up” and 2015’s “Inside Out.”


  • SOUL


  • University of Minnesota–Twin Cities (MN, USA)
  • California Institute of the Arts (CA, USA)

Variety Honors

  • 2017 Variety500 Honoree
  • 2018 Variety500 Honoree
  • 2019 Variety500 Honoree
  • Comedy Impact
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What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given in your career?

“Never accept advice from strangers on an unranked international professional index.”

What or who inspires you?

“Chuck Jones cartoons.”

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