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Founder / Chairman / CEO

Following significant pushback over privacy violations, the 35-year-old chief executive has been on the offensive for much of the year, charting a new course that includes a bigger focus on private messaging and other forms of personal communication. Investors have largely stuck with the social-media behemoth, even shrugging off a massive $5 billion FTC fine for privacy violations, thanks to its continued growth. By the end of June 2019, Facebook’s family of apps had been used by 2.1 billion users every single day. All the while, Zuckerberg continues to forge into media with Facebook Watch and a planned news product, as well as new areas of computing with the Oculus Quest VR headset, which launched in spring 2019 and is poised for hand tracking next year.


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Aaron Sorkin to Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook Is 'Assaulting Truth' With Political Ads Policy

Aaron Sorkin to Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook Is 'Assaulting Truth' With Political Ads Policy

UPDATED: Aaron Sorkin, who won a screenwriting Oscar for “The Social Network,” a fictionalized retelling of the early rise of Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook, has weighed in on the debate over the social giant's policy to accept all political advertising regardless of whether it's factual or not.Sorkin's message to Zuck: You're wrong.In an op-ed published Thursday in the New York Times, Sorkin expressed in an open letter to Zuckerberg admiration for the Facebook CEO's "deep belief in free speech," which...


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