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Cameron can go a decade between making films, but he’ll always be one of Hollywood’s most influential names. That’s because he bets big on huge projects and innovative, expensive technology — and more often than not, those bets pay off. With “Titanic” and “Avatar,” he made two of the landmark blockbusters of the past 25 years, simultaneously grabbing Oscar attention. And his ambitions haven’t slowed over the years. While he has written and produced 2018’s “Alita: Battle Angel,” a risky venture that melds a human actor with CGI in its title character, he is
laying the groundwork for four more “Avatar” films. At the same time, Cameron’s older work 
is looping back around, with “Terminator” readying for a reboot and “True Lies” in development for TV.




  • California State University–Fullerton (CA, USA)

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Film Review: 'Alita: Battle Angel'

Film Review: 'Alita: Battle Angel'

It is a view broadly held in Hollywood that writing is not the greatest of James Cameron's manifold filmmaking gifts: The visual storytelling of his blockbusters is what sticks, not the plywood poetry he sticks in the mouths of his often perfunctory characters. A new Cameron production that boasts his imagination behind the keyboard rather than the camera, "Alita: Battle Angel" does little to change that perception. Directed instead with budget-splashing brio but little genuine inspiration by Robert Rodriguez, this...


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