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With such global and critical successes as the “Dark Knight” trilogy, “Inception” and “Interstellar,” the cerebral and visionary Oscar-nommed British writer-director is as distinctive a cinematic stylist as Hollywood has. He is beloved by fans for his unique blend of brainy ideas, ambitious narrative structure, cutting-edge VFX and intense character focus, while Hollywood loves him for his nine films that have grossed more than $4.2 billion.

What’s truly impressive about Nolan is that all his trademark skill, sensibility, ambition and originality is as on display in his early work, including his $5,000 first feature “Following,” as it is in his most recent mega-budget spectacular epics. His breakthrough 2000 film “Memento,” which he also scripted, began at the end of the story and ran backward, while 2006’s “The Prestige” was a tour-de-force thriller about magic and illusion. After successfully rebooting the once-hot franchise with his acclaimed 2005 film “Batman Returns,” Nolan triumphed again with the 2008 $1 billion-grossing sequel “The Dark Knight,” which marked the first time a major feature shot key sequences on Imax. But then Nolan, who began making Super 8 home movies as a kid, has always pushed the technical limits of filmmaking, and he shot his latest film, the WWII drama “Dunkirk,” on both large-format 65mm film and Imax.




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Christopher Nolan on 'Dunkirk': There Was No Green Screen

Christopher Nolan on 'Dunkirk': There Was No Green Screen

Christopher Nolan's drive for authenticity with "Dunkirk" led him to bring the cast and crew of his World War II epic to the very beaches in France where Allied forces snatched victory from the jaws of defeat. Even though the fighting ended decades and generations ago, there were still land mines and other live explosive devices lining the shoreline and the harbor."Every time we'd need to do one of our explosions, we'd do a controlled explosion first to see if...


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